Turn And Face The Strange Changes

Matt Kemp looks like he just spent an evening with an AmWay salesman.

Matt Kemp looks like he just spent an evening with an AmWay salesman.

By Joe Torosian

My personal belief is the saber-nerds, although they make some good points, have taken much of the fun out of baseball…But here are Ten off-season deals we had some thoughts about at MVS.

1.) Matt Kemp goes from the Dodgers to the Padres: During our Cactus League tour we saw a lot of players in a lot of places, but only one seem to be having a bad day. Kemp just didn’t look happy. I mean San Diego is bad enough, but then to compound it by wearing a Padres uniform. Poor dude. Should have begged for a salary cut and staying Los Angeles.

2.) Howie Kendrick goes from the Angels to the Dodgers: Love Kendrick he’s as reliable as a newly bought Land Rover…It’s cool, kind of…but sort of hard to get into mentally because…

3.) Dee Gordon goes from the Dodges to the Marlins: …Dee Gordon is fun to watch. We like Dee Gordon, but since we are among the 72% who cannot see Dodger games it doesn’t really matter in the end.

4.) Wade Miley goes from the Diamondbacks to the Red Sox: Raise your hand if you’ve been burned by Wade Miley before?

5.) Russell Martin goes from the Pirates to the Blue Jays: Martin signed a 5-year/$82-million deal…Wasn’t that similar to the numbers the Dodgers were haggling with Mike Piazza over back in 1998?

6.) Jimmy Rollins goes from Phillies to the Dodgers: So wanted this to happen back when Bill Clinton was in the White House! The Dodgers have invested millions upon millions in Cuban infielders over the last two years and for all those millions not one of them can play the six-spot?

7.) Jared Weaver goes from poverty to 5-years/$85-million: We saw Weaver at Tempe Diablo and the best thing he had going for him was the Texas Rangers Instructional Team in the batters box. Think Justin Verlander. If the Angels needed a Jared they should have reached out to Jarrod Washburn.

8.) Rafael Furcal goes from Royals to Unemployment: Dude, just got released. I’m sure the Dodgers will sign him when Jimmy Rollins goes on the D.L.

9.) Carl Crawford retired: Nah, didn’t happen…but it would be great to see.

10.) Chase Headley re-signs with the Yankees: I thought it was “Heady”?

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