The Peterson Principle: 7/6/2015

I didn't run into this guy on Friday night but I bet he hates "The Wave"

I didn’t run into this guy on Friday night but I bet he hates “The Wave”

By Tim Peterson

I said it on draft day and I’ll say it again. The Lakers missed it when they passed on Jahlil Okafor. They drafted D’Angelo Russell not only because they liked his game but also with the thought that something else was coming – namely a big man.

They were so sure that they could land LaMarcus Aldridge that they took Russell as the point guard to compliment him. But they didn’t land Aldridge, or anybody else for that matter, and now there is a problem. The problem is you don’t build a team around a point guard…well unless it’s Magic Johnson and how many of those are running around?

With Okafor you have a fixture at center for the next decade. Then you get the pieces you need around him. With Russell and no center you’re right back at square one. And please don’t tell me Roy Hibbard is the answer. The Pacers were begging to have somebody take him off their hands.

When you have an opportunity to get a quality big man…and Okafor was right there…you take it. The Lakers botched it and it could set them back years.

Speaking of quality big men, and the lack thereof, I can understand the Clippers disappointment in DeAndre Jordan getting away. But doesn’t it seem just a little bit funny that a team is going to pay $100 million to a guy that is fouled intentionally because he can’t make free throws? Just a little?

Did you see Dwyane Wade signed the Kobe Bryant deal? You know, the one where you get over $20 million a year for past accomplishments. I did like the Heat’s Justice Winslow pick though.


Saw the Dodgers lose to the Mets Friday night. It’s always a great time at Chavez Ravine but there’s a couple of things that really need to be killed. 1. The Wave: Is there anything that is more tired and outdated than the wave? It’s been around since the early eighties and it ran its course at least 15 years ago. The Macarena died why won’t the wave? 2. Beach balls: What is so fascinating about a beach ball being batted in the air from one section to another? And why is there a chorus of boos when the ball is hit over the rail and down to the level below? I know it’s impossible to police this but how about a threat of ejection of anybody seen breaking one out. This might curb it a little. There really needs to be a moratorium on beach balls. It ruins the flow of the game from a true fan’s perspective.


Robbie Keane gets a hat trick in the LA Galaxy’s 4-0 win over Toronto FC Saturday night and Carli Lloyd repeats the feat for the U.S Women in the World Cup win over Japan on Sunday. Pretty cool… Yeah I know, it’s soccer. I guess you could say I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.

That’s my principle.

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