The Peterson Principle: 3/21/2016

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

By Tim Peterson

I’m hearing a lot of out of Monrovia but nothing is official as of yet. There could even be a hire in place but they’re just waiting for clearance. But then again maybe not. I know you’ve heard this before but I’m hearing we should know something concrete early this week. We’ll see.

Just when we thought all the coaching changes had been filled or were in the process of being filled Diamond Ranch happens. Why? I don’t know. What I do know is that Panther head coach Jimmy Welker is out after just one year. Welker followed Mario Gomez who was also out after only one year. When D Ranch makes its hire for this season it will be its fourth coach in as many years.

It’s an important hire for the Panthers. They haven’t had any stability since Roddy Layton stepped down after an eight year run after the 2013 season. Layton’s regime included two consecutive CIF title appearances. Layton’s only problem was that Charter Oak was in the same division.

It would seem like a a great gig for somebody. The Panthers have a great on campus stadium and nice facilities. Heck, when Layton was the coach the Panthers played at Ganesha High for years. Diamond Ranch, which lost to Central Division Champion San Marino, has plenty of talent returning including running back Chase Steward and receivers Trey Green and Carter Henderson.

The key is they have to get somebody to settle in for at least five years or so. One and done may be the rule of thumb in college basketball but when it comes to high school football coaches it doesn’t cut it.

I guess if there is a school for Greg Gano to recapture the glory it would be at a place like Don Lugo – a talented squad that has had some recent success. But it makes you wonder if Wilson can ever get off the snide? Gano was 4-16 over the last two years and 1-9 in the Valle Vista League. The Wildcats are 5-25 over the last three years. I mean if Gano couldn’t turn it around can anybody? They need to hire a good, young, energetic coach who brings in his own staff and then…leave him alone.

Who wants Bonita? El Monte? Oh yeah and now Diamond Ranch? Heard a big name is interviewing at Bonita this week but it’s not confirmed by that coach and he’s been rumored for several openings before and has always stayed home so I won’t mention it. Whatever happened to Z? He never landed anywhere?


In the other edition of March Madness the USC loss hurts, hurts real bad. But the Trojans only lose one senior and he never played. They will be back. As far as UCLA goes can we say that Alford will be saved by the Ball?

That’s my principle.

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