Fanview: April 28, 2016

Joe T.

Joe T. thinks he’s better than you.

By Joe Torosian

“Let me ask you something. When you come in on Monday and you’re not feeling real well, does anyone ever say to you, ‘Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays?’”
—Peter Gibbons

Kick it!

Right off the Top: I’m a snob.

It’s true, I have a very elitist (I’m smarter/better than you) attitude when it comes to sports.

For me, it boils down like this: You don’t have to know everything about sports or your team. That’s fine…I can respect that. But if you claim to be a die-hard fan, lifelong fan, the kind of fan that gets angry when your team loses but know nothing at all about the history of your team…I do look down on you.

If you watch your favorite team, the team you bleed for, die for, paint your face for, play a big game in a sports bar surrounded by noise and riff-raff…I do look down on you.

I don’t care how much money you make, I don’t care where you live, I don’t care what you look like, I don’t care if you have different values than mine…But I am a snob when your fandom has no distinction from the sort of individual who loves to keep up with the Kardashians.

Go away.


Last Add Snob: Yet, this is the type of fan the NFL caters too…This is the fan the NFL had in mind when it turned one of the best events in all of sports, the NFL Draft, into a red carpet, Oscars-like show.

Melissa Stark asking questions of: “If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?”… “Peanut butter or jelly?”

I used to love the draft…now it takes a bottle of Pepto to get through it.

Note to my Progressive Friends: If Bernie Sanders will promise to crush the corporatist Babylon the NFL Draft has turned into…I’ll vote for him.


“This is a great read for everyone: from those who love high school football to those to who have no idea about the game.” "This book brings you onto the field and into the locker room..." Joe Torosian's high school football novel is available through (Cover by Pat Cherry

“This is a great read for everyone: from those who love high school football to those who have no idea about the game.”
“This book brings you onto the field and into the locker room…”
Joe Torosian’s high school football novel is available through
(Cover by Pat Cherry

I notice ThoseBenchWarmers get real quiet when their Dodgers drop three straight at the Ravine to the Miami Marlins. Donnie Baseball? Dee Gordon?

I know it gets tough anytime Clayton Kershaw gives up five in a seventh inning…Must be a sports version of PTSD for you guys.


New Direction: With CIF’s overhaul of the playoff divisions Mid Valley Sports has been forced to reconsider its coverage model. In the past, we covered four divisions. We did this for two reasons.

One: Proximity. Schools and programs close by, that we built relationships with, were naturally added to our coverage area.

Two: Changes. As they were moved into one of four different divisions (Mid-Valley, Southeast, Central, Northwest) we followed them and picked up the entire division in the process. This was because we didn’t want to be surprised come playoff time, we wanted to know exactly who our local teams were playing.

An example of this would be a few years ago when Keven Amezquita was tearing it up for Gladstone. The Montview was in the Northwest Division along with the Olympic. While the Gladiators looked great during the regular season we knew they would be in a world of hurt when they faced North Torrance, Bishop Diego, and Nordhoff. Teams we became familiar with over the course of the season.

We did this because it allowed us to do a better job.

Well, that’s changed now. Local teams will be scattered over a dozen or so divisions. We can’t cover a dozen divisions…So, we are in the process of selecting 50 programs that we will cover this coming season.

This will be based on geography, analytics, hit counts, and interaction.

This means before you see Bishop Amat covered here, you’ll still see La Mirada and Downey.

Yes, Amat is just down the street and those other schools are a long journey down the 605…but the Matadores & Vikings faithful continually come to this site.

The Lancers made it clear to us years ago that they didn’t need us. So, we realized we didn’t need them and moved on.

They’re great, we’re good, and all is well.

Expect this Top 50 to be announced in a couple of months. Also, expect it to be re-evaluated from season to season. Why? Because you never know, Bosco Tech might become a powerhouse.

If you want to argue for your team, argue for your team.

I can tell you, there has been a buzz in the office to add Buena Park to the coverage list. Yeah, they’re out of the area but they are not only peppered with local coaching talent, they also are analytic superstars.

This could be fun.


What happened on Survivor Wednesday Night: I guess when you are tired and hungry you have a tendency to overthink things.

Jason has to go next.

Last Add NFL Draft: I’ve forwarded my phone number to all NFL teams. I’m hoping this is the year I get the call.


Midbits (same as ‘Tidbits’)

Midbits: Can the Rams make sure Jared Goff isn’t issued number five to wear?

Midbits: I don’t know a lot about finance but I do believe if the Oakland Raiders become the Las Vegas Raiders they’ll make so much money Bernie Sanders will promise to go after them the next time he runs for president.

Midbits: How exciting for Cubbies fans…Tim Federowicz has been called up.

Midbits: Former Temple City wide receiver Brandon Pultz turns 24 today.

Midbits: Former El Monte forward and “Human Bruise” Chuck Jeffrey turns 53.

New York Mets: 18
San Francisco Giants: 4
Los Angeles Dodgers: 2
Los Angeles Angels: 2
Quick Pitch (Watney/Ryan): 18

The Dude abides…


Psalm 115:

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