Fanview Lite: April 19, 2010

There should be a lot of cheering at Bonita this coming season.

Good Afternoon!

T-Minus-143 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

You ever have things just pop into your head?

I couldn’t sleep last night, schools and names started popping into my head. Now I’m not throwing down a prediction, but Bonita kept coming to thought.

Yes the Bearcats have a ready to flourish quarterback in Garrett Pendleton, a stud is Casey Horine, and a pair of beasts along the offensive line in Tarez Lemmons and Cody McKenzie.

The issue with Bonita will be its running game. They haven’t had a punishing feature back for a long time and their non-league schedule is going to necessitate a running attack to take the pressure off Pendleton.

San Dimas, Claremont, Santa Fe, and Baldwin Park finished a combined 34-13 a year ago. Right now the Bearcat backfield looks like Giamani Johnson at halfback and K.C. Huth, however neither has big time size. Expect newcomers Cameron Griffen and Reggie Turner to get long looks.

With the Smudge Pot game moved to Zero Week, Eric Podley’s bunch will have plenty of time to keep focus on the Hacienda League portion of the schedule. The season ender on November 12th at home against Diamond Ranch figures to be for all the marbles. If not, then at the very least quite a few.

So glad the NCAA has its priorities mapped out. Instead of giving us a playoff format for the post-season, or disavowing the the BCS set up that pitched TCU against Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl…They’ve settled the issue of personal notes being placed on wedge blocks or eye black and banned them all.

Thank goodness I couldn’t handle being subjected to the those Bible scriptures or area codes for another season.

Then, inspired by the genius of the decision, they decided to up the ante on taunting. If a player taunts another, even while going into the end zone he can be flagged and penalized the yardage from the spot of the foul. Which of course wipes the touchdown off the scoreboard.

Here’s the best part of the new rule which will go into effect in 2011; it will be up to the officials discretion. And you know, as it is with pass intereference penalties, the officials are always right, one hundred percent of the time.

If I have to live with Sam Bradford in a Rams uniform, then I’ll live with Sam Bradford in a Rams uniform…

Facebook Status of the weekend: “Goodbye Russ Ortiz, you miserable piece of garbage.” — Johnny Azuel

I’m sure he will join me in agreement that we have always been Manny Ramirez fans.

Last Add College Football: I’m so tired of hearing about the SEC dominance. Perhaps if there was a playoff format in place we’d really know if the conference produced the last three national champions.

Really Last Add College Football: In 2009 Alabama won the national title, but in 2008 the Crimson Tide had its butt kicked by Utah in the Sugar Bowl. Utah. The Utes. A non-BCS school from a non-BCS conference.

Mid Valley birthday wishes to former Rosemead offensive lineman Geoff Rios, who turns 40 today. Rios was key blocker for legendary Panther tailback Wolfe Paine Barber.

The Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah scooped the world when he said Kevin Garnett was a dirty player. Hello? Welcome to the NBA? The second any player puts on Celtic green he becomes less than human.

Case in point beind old anvil head himself; Kevin McHale.

Many will come out and says it was just pot…but when former USC tight end Anthony McCoy is bagging your groceries at Vons after testing positive at the NFL Combine you’ll know how he got there.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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