Fanview Lite: April 28, 2010

Expect the fiesta to continue in M-Town in 2010

T-Minus-134 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Evening!

New Los Altos head coach Jim Arellanes could be walking into a worse situation, I mean he could be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders and about to give three million dollars to a quarterback just to make him go away.

Perspective says, no! Los Altos will not compete for a playoff spot in the new/reformed Hacienda League, but the cupboard is hardly bare.

There’s the much discussed possible transfer of wide receiver Ryan Longoria, but as for now Longoria is Conquerer so pencil him in. Longoria is the only name many use when discussing Los Altos, but take some note.

David Poyet, who most likely will replace Justin Zamano, got plenty of reps last spring and playing time last fall. On the offensive line Jared Covarrubias was an all league performer as was La’Don Avery at defensive end. Also besides Longoria, Poyet will get significant help from running back Scott Tibbs and tight end Frankie Avalos.

Then again, it’s early and roster’s are subject to change.

Non-league will consist of El Rancho, Bellflower, eternal rival Wilson (now in the Valle Vista/Mid-Valley Division), and Ayala.

To tell you the truth, in the long run Los Altos may end up being a better fit in the Mid-Valley…but fans and friends need to give Arellanes space and time. It should workout.

What’s up with Josh Lowden?

“I am still looking for a school that’s the best fit for me. I’m weighing all my options and praying about it every night. I don’t want to jump the gun and pick a school then change my mind a week later.”

Speaking of Monrovia football, word is last season’s bitter end in the rain against San Dimas is something the Wildcats don’t want to experience again…and they are working hard…So don’t expect a let down in what figures to be a less-than Rio Hondo in 2010.

While much of the conversation centering around M-Town has been about the skill players like Nick Bueno, De’Shawn Ramirez, and Derrick Johnson…We’ll give you three names in the trenches to remember, and opponents to account for: All Rio Hondo league center Dean Bisterfeldt, is a player Lowden refers to as a beast on boths sides of the ball. Starring defensively next to Bisterfeldt are John Adams and Kenny Machi.

Last Add Monrovia: The skill player often getting overlooked in this deal is wide receiver Jay Henderson, who some say may be the best athlete on the M-Town campus.

It’s safe to say the South El Monte-Arroyo softball rivalry is heating up…

Not a real good road trip for the Dodgers.

Killer interviews last night with El Rancho’s Rick Zepeda and Norwalk’s Jesse Ceniceros. By nine o’clock I was really happy I didn’t buy a house in Barstow.

I can understand the focus being on La Mirada with the Suburban Meyer League coming into the Southeast Division, but after talking to Ceniceros and getting the dimensions of his offensive line anyone dismissing Norwalk does so at their own risk. There is more beef in the Lancer trenches than the meat counter at Pavilions.

Told you we had some good news for the Leander Benjamin Fan Club.

What’s up with our Big George Hernandez tapping out over the weekend? (I know this is late but I had to wait until after the Tuesday show so as not to be a victim of “The George Hernandez Move of the Week”…

Do I have a problem the Philadelphia Phillies giving Ryan Howard 125-million? No! Of course not, why would I care? It’s not my dough. My tax dollars being used to build a dog park in Dallas to stimulate the economy… now that hacks me off.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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