Fanview Lite: June 6, 2011

"His name was Pedro...He played for the Dodgers...He made a million bucks a year and he gave pitchers tears...His swing was so refine...He knocked that ball half blind..."

Good Morning!

It is June, 2011 and the Dodgers Matt Kemp is tearing it up…Does anyone remember June, 1985 and what Pedro Guerrero did for the Dodgers after being moved from third base to left field?

Note to Republicans: President Obama saying he visited 57 states while on the campaign trail in 2008 wasn’t the dumbest thing ever said.

Note to Democrats: Sarah Palin saying Paul Revere road to warn the British wasn’t the dumbest thing ever said.

Note to the World: The dumbest thing ever said was ESPN’s Colin Cowherd calling Magic Johnson an “A+” distributor and Lebron James a “A” distributor…Everyone makes mistakes, I understand this better than anyone else, but please…this is negligence.

When Dwyane Wade takes over its Lebron letting the hot player do his thing because nobody on Dallas can guard Wade…

When Wade takes over its Lebron still being only 25 and learning…

When Lebron is rightly cited for going into hibernation in the fourth quarter…those bringing it up are just bitter because he left Cleveland for Miami.

In the pantheon of the greatest ever to play basketball…Lebron is in the building, but he’s only a tour guide…Angst against him probably should be better focused on the ridiculous in the media and culture who insist on making him something he is not…

So it looks like Alec Zenner is the most popular offensive lineman from Burbank to Bonita, from Monrovia down to Mayfair…Too bad we can’t talk about him…But we will, he’s the reason (very experienced) among a few others why San Dimas shouldn’t be counted out going forward.

Last Note to Cowherd: For your benefit Magic hit his famed hook against the Boston Celtics in the 1987 NBA Finals…He dribbled out the clock in regulation during the 1984 NBA Finals against the Celtics…

Why is it the best names in high school football always seem to end up at Alhambra? Zion Babb, DuShine Smith, and now Ezra Broadus? The junior-to-be is expected to be a serious factor in the Moors backfield this coming season.

Last Note Magic: Magic played with two Hall of Famers Kareem and Worthy…but without Magic is Worthy a Hall of Famer? And without Magic Kareem’s career runs out after 15 seasons not 20.

Really Last Note Magic: Rookie year, Game Six, in Philadelphia, no Kareem, no Worthy: 42-15-7… And if you don’t know what 42-15-7 mean, then you don’t know a thing about basketball…

Aaron Cantu, Andrew Buenrostro…yeah, those guys are good quarterbacks.

Really Really Last Add Cowherd: The only thing missing in his persistent defense of Lebron is him saying; “For King James it’s all about the love. Coming out of the darkness into the sunlight of enlightenment…Feeling You!”

With all that said I wouldn’t mind seeing Dwyane Wade get a second ring…That dude is great.

And with everything said in this column today…It is all possible because of men like those who hit the beaches of Normandy on this day 67 years ago…God Bless them, their families, and all those that came after them…

The Dude abides…


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