Fanview Lite: August 23, 2011

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Good Afternoon!

La Serna HC Margarito Beltran and California HC Jim Arnold will highlight the second night of “Rush Week” on “The Mid Valley Sports Show”….

I have to say the news of Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summit having dementia saddens me…

Back in the day I rooted for Cheryl Miller and the McGee Twins at USC and couldn’t stand Summit…But SC has pretty much come and gone while the Lady Vols (and they do call themselves the “Lady Vols”) have been consistently amazing thanks to Summit.

…Prayers go out…

Pomona…I accept…See you Friday…

From what has been passed on to us, there is life down at “The Swamp” and that new HC Ibis Aguilar has the Southmen on track…Maybe it won’t happen this year, but expect a return to prominence in the Mission Valley League.

In regards to the new ratings battle between the Prep Xtra Show at the Trib and the “Mid  Valley Sports Show”… We expect the Trib to get bigger numbers, they should…But we have never concerned ourselves about being outnumbered…There are things we lose sleep over, but not that.

How Peterson omits Whittier Christian from the Mid-Valley Top Ten is beyond me…Daniel Chacon will have a good year and the Heralds will be in the mix…The earthquake you feel this fall…Will be Maranatha hosting Whittier Christian.

Cody Bronkar…

Sympathy for the Devil: Last fall Villathedevil was honking about West Covina cornerback Lonzell Barnett, and of course since it was Villathedevil we ignored him. WC HC Mike Maggiore, however, said Barnett is a player with serious talent getting serious looks.

Last Add Olympic: Am I the only one who think Village Christian at La Salle is going to be a great game?

Note to the Base: Guys, we’re keeping “The TEN”… While we’ll still have our columns and the show, we want to purge ourselves as much as we can of opinion. I’m getting sick of opinion…So especially with the main sports…We’re cutting back…It was either going to be cut ourselves or the comments…So we’re cutting ourselves.

The purpose of “The TEN” is just to put info and facts and let you guys run with them…

Somewhere along the way the blogs have to evolve…right? Opinions are like elbows, everybody has two…and we’re trying to sharpen ours a bit.

Final Note: Hold your breath…this is gonna be special…we actually have a Bishop Amat story coming out in this week’s hard copy of the Mid Valley News…Written by a guy named “Joe”…

The Dude abides…


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