The TEN: 9/20/2011


(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

1.) Los Altos 3-0 for first time since 2007

2.) Arcadia tackle James Gardner: 6-0, 300lbs

3.) Open Enrollment.

4.) Former Temple City trenchman Tony Forrand is 29 today.

5.) Covina QB Billy Livingston has thrown 48 Td passes in 25 career games.

6.) South El Monte QB Fernando Ramirez: 7 Td passes, 2 Ints, in 2011.

7.) Diamond Ranch in Roddy Layton’s six years as HC is 4-14 combined in the first three games of each of those seasons.

8.) Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles.

9.) Arroyo’s Steven Rivera has thrown touchdown passes in 28 of his 35 games for the Knights.

10.) “How we looking Joe? We’re looking good…We’re always looking good.”

                                                — Rosemead HC Matt Koffler

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