The Peterson Principle 1/30/12

Tim Peterson

They don’t believe in playing defense in the Pro Bowl. It’s either that or the Lakers-T-Wolves. Wow what a bad Sunday night for sports.

Hey what do you know? The Lakers actually won a road game. They beat the powerful Timberwolves by five points! When’s the parade?

It’s funny to listen to all the talking heads on the radio continually asking what’s wrong with the Lakers? Well let’s see…they don’t have a point guard or for that matter a back up point guard. Steve Blake, who isn’t that good anyway, is hurt and there’s nobody else to step in. When Darius Morris is playing close to 20 minutes a game you know you’re in trouble. Pau Gasol is ineffective half the time and Lamar Odom is in Dallas. Other than that they’re not bad.      

I did see a decent game Sunday, a Miami victory over Chicago. But to hear Mike Breen carry on about how it was the best game of the season was a little too much. You would think he was getting paid by the NBA as a PR person. The game was ok…not bad, but the season is only a month old. It was kind of entertaining watching LeBron James and Derrick Rose both miss two free throws on consecutive possessions late in the fourth quarter.

I’m haven’t really been into the NBA regular season the last few years but if you want a good laugh as well as some solid analysis tune into TNT. Shaquille O’Neal has joined Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley and it makes for some great TV. He has fit right in with Smith and Barkley and doesn’t mind taking a few barbs as well as dishing them out.

He has worn a wig, danced a jig and taken Ernie down low on the block. Smith breaks down highlights on the big board with “The Jefferson’s” theme song in the back ground. The other night Shaq spoke German when they were showing Dirk Nowitzki hitting a three. And Barkley is as always…Barkley. Johnson does his best trying to keep everybody in line. Check it out.

It’s a shame how bad USC basketball has become. Just three years ago, the Trojans were averaging 23 wins a season and advancing past the first round of the playoffs but now they’re 0-8 in PAC 12 play and 5-16 overall. You can hear a pin drop at the Galen Center during USC home games.

That being said you have to give Kevin O’Neill a couple more years. Three of his players have sufferred season ending injuries, including his best player, Jio Fontan, and he inherited a mess in the wake of the O.J. Mayo scandal. But still 0-8? Hopefully help is on the way. Are there any more Harold Miners out there?

I ran into former Arroyo Principal Frank Clayton last week at the Gabrielino game. Clayton, who is a USC alum and was instrumental in the founding of Gabrielino High School, is still an avid follower of the cardinal and gold.

“Hey how about my Trojans?” he said as he greeted me. “We got Barkley coming back…yeah we’re looking good,” he said.

Clayton, now in his mid eighties is still keeping busy working three days a week in El Monte and is the Gabrielino Eagles’ biggest fan.

I had a nice conversation with Rowland HC Craig Snyder last week. Many people are surprised that of the dozen coaches that have resigned since the season ended, Snyder wasn’t one of them.

“Yeah I’m coming back,” Snyder said. “Unless they fire me.”

The sideline announcers are interviewing players at the Pro Bowl and they keep opening with “Are you surprised how competitive this game is?

There has been over 1000 total passing yards and 94 points between the two teams combined and there’s still over six minutes left. C’mon!

I got a big response from area coaches, (current and former), on who is going to win the Super Bowl. One coach likes Monrovia. Results will be posted this week.

That’s my principle.

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