The TEN 2/22/2012


(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)                

1. Duarte HC Jason Martin is the brother of UCLA Assistant Coach Demetrice Martin.   

2. Lionce Haggerty’s “Rise of the Apaches” will be out on DVD in March.                                         

3. La Canada Coach Tamar Hill, who has led the Lady Spartans for 12 years, is the dean of Rio Hondo League coaches.

4. Duarte’s non league schedule consists of Marshall, Valley Christian and Montclair.  

5. Pasadena 64 Bonita 50.

6. Duarte OL/DL Lorenzo Rojas.                                         

7. Pasadena sophomore point guard Ajon Efferson.

8. La Canada falls to South Torrance 59-58 in overtime.

9. If the NHL playoffs started today the Kings and the Ducks would be out.

10. Dr. J (Julius Erving) turns 62 today.

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