Fanview Lite: May 3, 2012

Joe T.

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“I wish the young man nothing but the best,” said Duarte HC Jason Martin about Kurt Scoby’s brief stop with the Falcons program and pending transfer to St. Paul. “We’re going forward and expect to compete for a Montview League title.

According to Martin the official transfer papers for Scoby are still at Charter Oak and was never filed for the talented running back to come to Duarte. The expectation, although Martin cannot say for sure, is that the paper work will be filed with St. Paul as the destination.

The move didn’t come as a surprise to Martin, who shared with me as the sun came up this morning that he expected it at any time.

“You want to change your prediction for the Montview now?” Bad News Barker texted me after getting to his office.

Just the opposite, I’m doubling down. Talik Mason all the way.

Cantu CanDo…Not all the time, but sometimes you get to see someone up close and you admire how hard they work. Aaron Cantu worked his butt off to get that D-1 offer…Whether it’s the first of a thousand or the only one, what a testimony to hard work.

Note to Cantu: Just make sure when you make it to the NFL to tithe ten percent to The MID.

When I mentioned the Dodgers needed another bat, I didn’t have Bobby Abreu in mind. Can anyone say; Garrett Anderson?

If you play five, ten, or twenty years in the NFL…remember that’s your choice. Nobody forces you to put your body through that abuse. It’s your call, you went to college, and you know that when you join the NFL its not like becoming a D.C. politician. It’s real work.

Do you remember who bridged the gap at tailback for Rosemead between Joe Silva (2002) and Deon Sumler (2004)? He was a thousand yard back and his name wasn’t Paul Wilson.

Have a nice breakdown of the Alpha League we’ll be posting in a day or so. Real interesting stuff.

Last Add Alpha League: Did you know that Paraclete people actually missed The MID the last few years?

I was happy to see Matt Leinart get signed by the Raiders, but what does this tell you about the development of Mr. Ink out of Ohio State, Terrelle Pryor. Why would you sign a player like Leinart who, by all appearances, is more broken down than public transportation in Afghanistan…When you have an apparent stud like Pryor (eye brow raised)?

Can’t speak for Villathedevil, but this part of the Mid Valley will take a snooze when it comes to the Kentucky Derby.

Speaking of the Kentucky Derby; is that a horse race or a bet on when the next Wildcat basketball player actually earns a degree?

Oh, I have never been a Kentucky fan. Got stuck in Louisville traffic once…not cool.

When troops are in the field and under fire, shouldn’t every day be a National Day of Prayer?

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