Pics From the Santa Fe Tournament

Santa Fe cornerback Elvis Toscano makes official “Bad Dude” list with haircut alone. A very physical CB.

California quarterback Drew Castro winds up for a big Cal run this season.


North Torrance receivers Michael Jurado (left) & Devante Jenkins (right) hope to make life easy for Saxons quarterback Jose Hernandez this fall.


North Torrance HC Todd Croce


Burroughs HC Keith Knoop tells new quarterback Andrew Williams where the safety is and where to throw the ball.


Burroughs alum T.J. McDonald is back coaching the secondary for the Indians.


Gabrielino quarterback Elijah Peters


Gabrielino receiver Jeremy Franco also shines in the secondary.


Gabrielino HC Harold Sanin (center) directing his troops at the Santa Fe Tournament on Saturday.


Gabrielino wide receiver Cameron Matthews has the makings of something special this coming season.


Cal Condors HC Jim Arnold doing his Mike Hohensee impression.


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