The Peterson Principle 10/15/12

Who’s that stiff with Vic the Brick?

After you sift through all the debris about broken plays, cheap shots, trash talking and defenses, one thing is certain. El Monte is the best team in the Mission Valley League in 2012. Yes, it seems like that is stating the obvious and it might be. But I’ve still heard whispers about Gabrielino pulling something or read posts about South shutting the Lions down.

Sorry, I just don’t see it. Brandon Martinez and company are simply too much. And when I say company it’s some pretty exclusive company. If Martinez is best actor then there are plenty of best supporting actors. There’s Abel Barrajas, Josh Morales, Josh Wu, and Adolfo Sanchez. All these guys are capable of making an instant impact. The Lions played without their best running back in Friday night’s 50 point performance in Rosemead as Bryan Luevano sat out with an ankle injury and Angel Gonzalez stepped in and filled the void.

Make no mistake, the Lions will win the MVL. Don’t tell that to Coach Joel Sanchez however who is keeping his team grounded.

“We haven’t done anything yet. We still have three games left. We got the win now let’s get out of here,” he told his team after the game.

Worried about the defense? Well, if they’re scoring 40 to 50 points a game it doesn’t matter does it? Yes, the Lions will be just fine.

That being said I still don’t understand all the hoopla surrounding the “broken play” comment attributed to Rosemead HC Marc Paramo. I swear I’ve read the quote at least 10 times and I don’t see anything negative or derogatory being directed towards the El Monte offense. Great players make things happen out of broken plays don’t they? John Elway and Joe Montana made a living out of broken plays.

Of all the comments written on the El Monte- Rosemead game story – over 50 so far including the ones we had to delete- the one written by JJimenez makes the most sense about Paramo’s comment.

“Paramo’s quote was taken out of context. He said what he said but he didn’t say it as a put down. He said it to the reporter as a compliment of B Mart’s ability to make a broken play into something big such as his scrambles for touchdowns and the ability to throw the long ball. When the reporter got a hold of it he left a few crucial words out of the original quote and posted it as fact,” he wrote.

Yeah that sounds about right to me.

Paramo was nothing but complimentary after the game in regards to the El Monte offense. But you, know whatever it takes to get fired up I guess. Personally I think El Monte scores 50 with or without the comment.


Montebello-BG is BIG 

“That was a huge win or us. That’s San Gabriel. They always have a great offense and they were in the CIF Finals last year.” said Montebello DC Brian Zavala about the Oilers 48-41 win over the Matadors Friday night. “We jumped out to a big lead and then let it get away but we were happy to get the win in overtime. I’m running the defense so you can blame me for all of those points,” he said.

With the victory, Montebello improved to 5-2 overall and 2-0 in the Almont. The Oilers only losses were to Del Rio League teams Cal, which is undefeated, and El Rancho. This week they get Bell Gardens at home which could determine the league title. BG is also 5-2 and 2-0 and also has also lost to El Rancho. It’s big. Oh and although Zavala is happy with the play of sophomore Simeon Poggi he did confirm to me that it was Jordan Fowlkes that scored the game wining touchdown. “It’s F O W L K E S,” Zavala said.

Thanks Coach, we got it. That’s our bad. As for Poggi, he has six carries for 21 yards and three receptions for 22 yards. Defensively he has a fumble recovery and six total tackles. So there you go.

That’s my principle.

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