Fanview: May 20, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“Never been awake,
Never seen a day break…”—Pilot

Kick it!

Oh, I’ve always been a Indiana Pacers fan!

You heard it here first, Keppel breaks the curse…The Aztecs get their first Almont League victory this century in 2014.

Unless there is a Pat Ewing, David Robinson, or Tim Duncan…does winning the NBA Draft Lottery mean anything? Is Kevin Love worth a lottery pick? Is a lottery pick worth anything?

When the West punted down by two scores with two minutes to play on Friday night in the Hall of Fame game fans began to complain…“Oh sure, now you don’t want to punt,” said El Monte HC Joel Sanchez.

Word out of Burroughs is that Indians HC Keith Knoop is addicted to Sharkey’s Bistro…Note to Knoop: I want a finders fee…or at least some of the Bistro’s pulled pork.

For the Record: Jorge Reyna is still at Pasadena. He plans on playing football next year at Pasadena. He plans on graduating from Pasadena a year from now.

The CIF playoff groupings are out:
Central: Hacienda, Mt. Baldy, Palomares, Sunkist, Rio Hondo
Mid-Valley: Almont, Gold Coast Miramonte, Mission Valley, Montview, Valle Vista
Northwest: Ambassador, De Anza, Del Rey, Northern, Olympic, Prep
Southeast: Del Rio, Mission, Pacific, San Gabriel Valley, Suburban

Didn’t we publish this same list over a week ago?

The MVS staff and Rio Hondo League will be at a local sports bar & grill this evening karaoke singing Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to my Nightmare”.

I’m just really happy Blair finally got some relief…Kenley Jansen style.

Not sure who is in the Northern League…can somebody help us out?

This has bled through a few message board comments, but it is now official Jude Oliva is the offensive coordinator at Buena Park. Oliva reunites with Anthony White the current BP HC. In the summer of 2009 White lured Oliva over to Temple City…for about three days before Oliva changed his mind and returned to San Gabriel where he became the head coach in 2010.

Rosters for the 605 game are supposed to be released tomorrow. Montebello’s Pete Gonzalez is coaching the West while Artesia’s Joe Veach will lead the East. The game will played on Friday, June 6th at Cerritos College.

Speaking of Montebello: Word is Oilers tailback Isaac Mendibles is bigger and faster heading into his junior year.

I thought Peterson did a great job with the Roddy Layton story.

About us being vanilla…okay, I guess we are. I just don’t have the energy anymore. There are other things to get emotionally invested in, things to be excited about, things I want to do.

I spent the last half of the 1980’s as an activities director at a junior high summer camp up in Idyllwild. There was one kid from south-central, his name was Mike Jackson, who wore a baseball cap and talked about his favorite player…Harold Reynolds.

Afterwards we stayed in touch for a while, we exchanged letters, and then life went on. Word came to me last night that Mike died of natural causes. He’d become a radio technician after college and volunteered as an aid at a public school working with special ed kids. I still see twelve year old Mike preaching the gospel of Harold Reynolds and the Seattle Mariners. I share this not to conjure up sympathy (the kid became a man and was out of my life)…but when the comments started flooding in about how lousy we were, how terrible we were, how we suck because we didn’t say Roddy Layton sucked…I got the news about Mike’s passing.

Yeah, we suck…Okay, but those saying we suck never knew Mike Jackson and I got to know Mike Jackson over the course of a few summers when I was trying to be the best person I could be. You don’t get to know a Mike Jackson by acting like an ass and tearing down people.

And I have been very guilty of acting like an ass in the past. By letting my anger get the best of me I’ve done stupid things that I have to own. You don’t get to meet great people by constantly searching for ways to tear them down. Also every great person you meet, with the exception of Jesus Christ, is going to be far from perfect.

Is Roddy Layton perfect? Nope…But he’s a good guy. So is Zernickow, so is “His Arroyo Baldness” when he curses me for bringing up the wrong subject…So is Big Tony when he eats all the wings from Rio’s in Montebello on a Friday night…while we’re on the air.

If I never would have efforted to be better, if I had never taken those weeks to work those camps in my youth, I never would have known a kid like Mike Jackson. My point is, there are just better things to do with our time.

Mike’s passing is a reminder to me that there is so little time, that we are all far from perfect, and that we have to be purposeful in our deeds…Otherwise…well…what a waste of life.

Thanks for the soapbox.

In regards to forgiveness: “Time heals no wounds.”—“His Arroyo Baldness”
In regards to playing defensive back: “A jab step don’t mean nothing. You want him to give you two steps before you react. A jab step means he ain’t coming.”—Keppel defensive coordinator Kymm Snowden
In regards to millionaire Dodger prospect Alex Guerrero: Can he play third base?
In regards to Fantasy Baseball: I’m sort of over it.
In regards to “Survivor”: I think it’s going to be a Final Two on Wednesday.

The Dude abides…
Psalm 3:3
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