Fanview: June 5, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“Party? You call this a party? The beer is warm, the women cold and I’m hot under the collar. In fact a more poisonous barbecue I’ve never attended.”—Groucho

Kick it!

Oh, I’ve always been a hockey fan.

This might be heretical to some, but Michael Jackson on his best day never looked as good as the Kings Drew Doughty did last night scoring the tying goal. Jumpshooting Jubilee Dunbar!

Does the NBA stand a chance tonight? In comparison to the NHL, the Spurs-Heat is a yawning festival.

Note to Joe T.: “In regards to your mentioning of Nogales in yesterday’s column, keep an eye on it. There’s a very familiar and successful name that might suddenly land there.”—Message from “ThisKnobleKnows”.

I wait with bated breath.

Speaking of Nogales did you know that in 1995 they finished 8-4? They did…and that was the last time they had a winning record. Since the start of the 21st century the Nobles have gone a combined 31-109. Two things of note; they did scratch out 5-5 records in both 2001 and 2011 and fans should remember they spent eight years in the San Antonio League.

Every program needs time to build. So let me ask this; if you had a coach go 35-49-1 his first eight seasons what would you do? Would you be content, expect more, fire him, or settle for the fact that you hired a middle of the road coach?

If this was Keppel, Nogales, Ganesha, or Blair, the temptation is to say: “Dang! I’ll take that, plus a couple of playoff appearances? Sweet!”

What if it was Los Altos? South Hills? Bishop Amat? Arroyo? Muir? West Covina? The cry for the HC’s head on a platter would reach the heavens.

But did you know Mike Maggiore went 35-49-1 in his first eight years leading WestCo? The next eight years he went 74-27-1 with three CIF titles. I don’t know if a coach would be given eight years anymore.

Tidbits on the 18-Work Week from CIF:
1.) All teams will be allowed no more than eighteen (18) hours of practice time per week and no more than four (4) hours in any single day.

2.) Multiple practice sessions or double day practices shall not be held on consecutive days and they must include a minimum of three (3) hours of rest between practices.

3.) Any competition day would count as three (3) hours toward the allowable weekly and daily hours no matter the length of the contest(s).

4.) Any school team or individual activity that includes skill drills, game situation drills, inter-squad scrimmages or games, weight training, chalk talks, film review, meetings outside of the school time would be considered part of your practice time.

Clarification: The 18 hours practice time each week is outside of the school day. If you
have a 0, 6th or 7th period athletic class, then any football activity (weight lifting, film work, meetings) would not be considered part of the 18 hours. The clock starts after the official school day ends.

Last Add The WC: The Bulldogs have gone 12-12 combined the last two years.

Last Add Kings: The song played for their year end highlights should be “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba

Speaking of time served: Charter Oak’s Don Lou Farrar is entering his 34th season. (Say What!)…I said 34th season.

With the MLB Draft looming, I’m really hoping this is the year I get taken by the Dodgers. Ridiculous you say? Well I say this is the franchise that made the Time Warner deal and drafted Bill Bene fifth overall in 1988 ahead of Jim Abbott, Robin Ventura, and Tino Martinez.

It was okay though, to make up for Bene’s 502 career strikeouts (against 543 walks) over a nine year minor league career the Dodgers drafted the “Human Air Conditioner” Billy Ashley two rounds later.

First Add NFL: The league will stop using Roman numerals with its Super Bowls. It will start with Super Bowl L…being Super Bowl 50.

In regards to Don Zimmer passing: Doesn’t it feel like you just lost a beloved but crazy uncle?
In regards to Boko Haram: Please don’t confuse them with 60’s band Procul Harum, which did “Whiter Shade of Pale”.
In regards to Fantasy Baseball: I’m concerned, Andy VillaTheDevil has pulled inside of four hundred points of me.
In regards to Colin Kaepernick: My first thought is it’s too soon to be giving him 110-million (61-million guaranteed) but this seems to be the age of quarterbacks without rings making bank.
In regards to Kaepernick’s contract: If Tony Romo and Kaepernick are making this kind of money, what do you pay a Russell Wilson who has won a Super Bowl?

The Dude abides…


Psalms 19:14

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