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Ron Artest is creating a stir already

Ron Artest is creating a stir already

By Matt Schuler

Ron Artest and Lakers…

  I wonder if the Lakers knew what they were getting when they acquired the primary instigator of the melee in the palace Ron Artest? I mean besides all the points, rebounds, steals, and assists he gives to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

  Artest, who showed up on Jimmy Kimmel’s live talk show with nothing but his boxer underwear, is already stirring up more controversy in the league after admitting to sipping Cognac before and during halftime of games while he was with the Chicago Bulls.

  He then went on to dismiss any attention by referring to himself and his past life as a personal example for kids.

  Artest also pointed the finger when he used Referee Joey Crawford’s name as a key part of the reason the Lakers advanced past the Rockets to the NBA finals in seven games.

  And this has taken place after only 17 games with the Lakers. I don’t even want to fathom what’s to come in the future.  

  That’s not the feeling in the locker room and coaching staff, as Coach Phil Jackson and the Lakers have nothing but good things to say about their new teammate.

  Lakers defeated the Phoenix Suns 108-88 and are now 9-0 since Pau Gasol’s return to the line up.


Nets Make History…

  They actually did it! The New Jersey Nets made history…but in the category that no team or player in the association ever wants to be apart of.

  The Nets became the first team in NBA history to start a season with 18 consecutive losses, but actually got their first win Friday against the Charlotte Bobcats and are now 1-19.


Iverson: Back To Where It All Started…

  No, this is not Michael Jordan coming out of retirement to play with the Wizards and this is not another Brett Favre story. In Allen Iverson’s case his home team actually wanted the old veteran back.  

  Allen Iverson is back in Philadelphia and ready to make his first start tomorrow for the Sixers in an intriguing match up against Denver Nuggets, who traded A. I. Iverson spoke at a press conference and couldn’t hold back his tears and emotions of gratitude when realizing his dream of playing basketball and an NBA title was not over yet.

  This might be the perfect fit for Iverson after the all-star guard has been traded from   Denver to Detroit, Detroit to Memphis, and now the tatted up, corn roll wearing Iverson has reconsidered retirement to play with the team that started it all, the Philadelphia 76ers.

  Think about it, Iverson with Igoudala, and Elton Brand. Iverson loves to pass the ball to open big men for the put down or a lob up top for an alley-oop slam. It looks like a perfect fit.

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