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The Peterson Principle: 11/20/2019

By Tim Peterson The head coaching carousel is starting earlier this year. With Margarito Beltran stepping down at Bell Gardens there are six openings already in the local coverage area. Throw in Garey and that makes seven.

The TEN: 6/11/2014

(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in the TEN)

The TEN: 6/4/2014

(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in the TEN)

The Peterson Principle 5/31/11

Contrary to popular opinion I don’t have a problem with the Lakers hiring Mike Brown. Listening to the reaction this week after the Lakers announced that Brown would be the new coach; you would have thought they hired Bobby Brown.

The Peterson Principle 5/9/11

Yes I did watch the entire Laker game on Sunday. I’m also into caning, flogging, electric shock and Chinese water torture. It was ugly – one of the ugliest losses in Laker playoff history, along with game six at Boston in the 2008 Finals.  

The Peterson Principle 4/20/11

It’s not that shocking that the Lakers lost to New Orleans in game one of their playoff series. What is shocking is that numerous pundits, and nearly all radio talk show hosts thought that a Laker sweep was a foregone conclusion.

At the Buzzer 12/24/09

By Matt Schuler Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!   Here once again and right on time like always is your weekly basketball report about the Lake Show and news sound bites from around the NBA, or should I say “At The Buzzer” like usual.

At the Buzzer

By Matt Schuler Ron Artest and Lakers…   I wonder if the Lakers knew what they were getting when they acquired the primary instigator of the melee in the palace Ron Artest? I mean besides all the points, rebounds, steals, and assists he gives to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.