The TEN: July 3, 2015



(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN”)

1.) Former Detroit Lions Hall of Fame tight end Charlie Sanders dies on Thursday at age 68.

2.) “get Northview off your radar, they are an utter JOKE.”—MVS commenter “3rd&1” when posting to the July 3, 2014 “TEN” while listing the top teams in the Mid-Valley Division.

3.) On this date in 1863: Third Day at Gettysburg, including Pickett’s Charge.

4.) “Wasn’t this article about Tyler Brown transferring to APU?”—MVS commenter “NWO” on Tyler Brown thread turning into everything else.

5.) Cleveland Indians starter Corey Kluber strikes out 14 in Tribe’s 5-4 win over the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday.

6.) Temple City trenchmen Justin Liang and Charles Wang.

7.) Also on Thursday Jose Fernandez goes 6-innings, fans 6, and homers, in his first game back since Tommy John Surgery. The Miami Marlins completed its three game sweep of the San Francisco Giants with a 5-4 victory.

8.) “I am truely blessed healthy & ready to give my all for my senior year & my brothers along the side of me.”—MVS commenter “Malik Abston”.

9.) Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat agree on one-year $20-million deal. Wade is 33 and has played 12 seasons in the NBA.

10.) “Let golf be elitist. When I say ‘aspire,’ that’s a positive word. Let people work hard and aspire to some day be able to play golf. To afford to play it. They’re trying to teach golf to people who will never be able to really play it. They’re trying too hard. Because of the expense of playing, and the land needed, golf is never going to be basketball, where all you need is a court.”—Donald Trump

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