Fanview Lite: August 2, 2010

Good to see there will be some home games for Burroughs in 2010

T-Minus-37 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Morning!

So cool, the Dodgers have a new ‘speed’ theme going…the only burners they didn’t acquire over the weekend were Vince Coleman and Ricky Williams…

Note to Villathedevil from Bell Gardens Coaching Staff: “Quarterback Josh Adame has looked great this summer. Head Coach David Ramos says the passing game has never looked better.”

This Tuesday “The Mid Valley Sports Show” will feature Bishop Amat quarterback Rio Ruiz (a first rate baseball player as well) plus former Burroughs WR/DB Kohl Adams-Hurd, who is a week away from heading to Humboldt State.

They’re watering the grass in Burbank, it looks like the Indians and Bulldogs will get some home games this season after all.

Nice to see folks are still into the ‘Old School’, although I have been called a sell out for expanding our coverage zone…True…

Note to K-Man: On the Olympic I’ve held to a firm conviction it will be Whittier Christian and Valley Christian. However this is dependent on the Heralds finding a running back and VC’s Ryan Fronke (or is that “Fronke-stein”?) becoming the guy.

Do I expect Jim Arellanes to have Los Altos in the playoffs or competing for a Hacienda League title in 2010? Of course not, anyone who does is mixing anti-freeze with his diet soda.

It has become a fact in our times any head coaching change will open the door for transfers. More and more parents are involved energy wise and financially in their son/daughter’s athletics. While that is great, it can also breed a false sense of reality…not everyone is Division I material, not everybody is going to make it to the MLB or NFL…Even though there is a lot of unscrupulous scum out there selling otherwise…

Los Altos fans are where Temple City fans were twenty years ago…The fiesta is over and it takes time to plan and pull off a new one…And the second party is seldom as good as the first.

Very anxious to see Diamond Bar cornerback Jamaal Clayton play this season. Heard a lot about him; good size, good speed, and only a junior.

Of course we are high on Norwalk, but if you want to see the Lancers prior to the post-season the best chance you’ll get is on Friday, September 17th, when they play at St. Paul.

Last Add Norwalk: Hermanos Sal & Jose Vasquez can also make you high on this team as they bookend Jesse Ceniceros’ double-wing.

Probably later today I’m going to post a Mid Valley Primer (?)…It’s been suggested, since we’ve tripled our base from last summer it would be best to provide a little background on the hows and whys… For example: Where did the expression; “His Arroyo Baldness” come from?… I fear it can look a little pretentious, make us look a  little pedantic, and eat up valuable time but I guess we’ll let it roll…

Was it Bonita Alum that said he’s not buying hype around Diamond Ranch quarterback Cesar Carillo?

First, I didn’t know there was hype around Carillo. Second, the key for the Panthers is Chase Price… If the Price is right (I guess that’s bad)…the pressure is off the QB and all is well in the life and world of Roddy Layton.

Good Question: Is responding to the blogs a moral responsibility? Is it like returning fan mail? I just realized I’m pretty good about posting the story, but pretty poor about following up on the threads… For the coupons I’m making I need to do a better job.

Note to Joe from a Loyal Fanview Reader: “The key to Temple City this year is tackle Michael Bassette.” I’ll buy, but the Rams are literally looking for a whole set of keys…

Nice to see Lane Kiffin is off to a smooth start with the Trojans.

Chris Bosh dogged it Toronto…As someone who didn’t put everything into his school work when he should have…I’m qualified to know a dog when I see one…

What is the big deal about cheating at UNO? Landestoy Luke does it all the time.

Speaking of Arroyo, I’m down with their safeties; free safety Fernie Ochoa and strong safety Andre Kerkoff…

I still contend that the most underrated Knight of the last decade was safety Josh Olivas, who patrolled the secondary for the 2004 team.

And the most underrated dude in Spartanville in a summer of discussion about receivers making quarterbacks, and quarterbacks making receivers, is Schurr trenchman Albert Perez…

Can I get an “Amen” from Gil Jimenez on that one?

“Football Rush Week” is coming…August 23-27.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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