Fanview Lite: September 6, 2010

La Salle's Kishon Sanders at the end of a frustrating night.

T-Minus-4 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

Hey look the Padres are having that collapse John Scanlan was talking about…

Just going to guess they were a tad bit upset at Baldwin Park when it was all said and done against Rowland Friday night…

Note to Readers: I got out of the Top 20/Top 30 ranking business a few seasons ago…you don’t like where your team is? Then bring it up to Villathedevil or Peterson.

“We will be making changes,” says San Dimas HC Bill Zernickow. “We must get better, we were really bad on film. We were a “block away” several times and a “clap away on our tackles”. We missed too many tackles and too many blocks and that falls on me; the fundamentals.”

Is it only in football you can say someone goes ‘both ways’ and not stir up some sort of controversy?

Note to Maranatha HC Joel Murphy: I don’t mind going up to Big Bear on a Saturday morning, early afternoon… However, if you can find a way to avoid playing Big Bear during Zero Week, on Labor Day weekend, I would consider it a personal favor.

“It’s a pretty neat deal,” said Arroyo’s Jim Singiser after winning his 50th game as the school’s HC. “I guess it says we have been doing something right. Then again, I always have my family to keep me well grounded… as the kids were saying congratulations on my 50th my youngest daughter Keeley asked, ‘Is today your birthday? You are an old man’. I will probably remember that line longer than this win.”

Gabrielino folks have been clicking on the site telling us how good the Eagles were going to be…A lot of folks do that about their team, but no matter how bad we may have thought Cerritos was we didn’t expect Gabby to win 49-20.

“Joe they got three backs,” one area coach told me on Saturday. “And they run hard, especially Eddie Moreno.”

Interesting how the MVL drew first blood in a clash with a big bad Suburban League School.

Last Add Big Bear: The parking was so bad in Big Bear for a second I thought I was in Glendale.

I hate Notre Dame…don’t you?

Just because you have a nice field, doesn’t mean you have a nice stadium. I give credit to those players at Bosco Tech for hanging in against Westview on a hot Saturday afternoon. The Tigers on campus venue, while clean, safe, and stocked with friendly people, doesn’t exactly inspire.

“It was pretty special,” said Covina HC Darryl Thomas on the Colts 27-21 victory over WestCo. “We really respect Coach (Mike) Maggiore, his staff, and players. They are a really good team, but it is hard to enjoy for too long. We are on to the next opponent, Gladstone. Another good staff that is really hungry for a win.”

Reports coming in Friday were about La Canada really taking it to Schurr in its scrimmage with the Spartans.

Funny story. Yes, I did the circuit on Saturday by going to Big Bear-Maranatha, Westview-Bosco Tech, and then closed it out with La Salle-Village Christian at Glendale High School.

Intending to go to the field, I got sidetracked by someone I knew and ended up at the top of the bleachers on the press box side of Moyse Stadium. Over the next three quarters I spoke to three different coaching staffs, everyone of them impressed with Village Christian’s performance and how physical they are.

(Stick with me)

In the final minutes of the contest I get down to the field and the first sportswriter I run into (I won’t say name or paper) comes up to me and says: “La Salle’s not playing well, but Village Christian isn’t very good.”

“Really?” I said.

Sportswriter or Coaches? Who should I go with?

Wanted: SAM Linebacker

If you have an extra SAM LB and are willing to make a deal contact Henry Rodriguez, Defensive Coordinator- Maranatha High School, Pasadena, California, 91105.

Last Add Smudge Pot: Since picking them up three years ago, I never saw a San Dimas team play so poorly. Of course, Bonita really turned up the pressure and beat them down. Middle linebacker Eric Mikity was terrific for the Bearcats getting in on 16 tackles.

His Arroyo Baldness on Steven Rivera: “He is what we thought he was!”

The junior quarterback went 14 of 21 for 209 yards, and two touchdowns. Rivera also made seven tackles and returned an interception 76-yards.

Israel O Israel!

The sophomore defensive back, who La Salle HC Antoine Peterson asked us to keep on the down low broke out big in the Lancers loss to Village Christian. The twelve tackles were pretty good, but four kick-off returns for 220 yards and two touchdowns was even better.

Speaking of the Suburban; Norwalk and La Mirada go down…even with all of their D-I talent.

West Covina goes down and the only one of the top four teams in the Southeast to get a victory this weekend was Muir…And without speaking out of school, the players either hurt or benched going into the Mustangs game against San Gabriel could fill out an All Pacific League roster.

I’m glad Matt Leinart was able to still secure work in this economy.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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