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Chaffey’s Brown, Arroyo’s Singiser to Coach All-Star Game

By Tim Peterson (West Covina) – Chaffey’s Chris Brown will be the head coach of the East and Arroyo’s Jim Singiser will coach the West in the East-West All Star Game to be played Saturday January 30 at West Covina High.

Titans Take Control of Mt. Baldy

By Joseph Rodriguez (Chaffey) In a scene from Remember the Titans Coach Boone, played by Denzel Washington, was questioned about the complexity of the offensive playbook. Coach Boone replied “I run six plays… its like Novocain, just give it time it always works.”

What Does a Central Division Final Four Look Like? (Vote in Poll)

Thirty teams, five leagues, the Central is pretty normal in size. It probably should be paired with with the Southeast to create a super conference because with the exception of one league (Rio Hondo) they are so much alike.