Fanview Lite: September 4, 2009

M-Town's DuJawn Jones 102-yard Int. Return

M-Town's DuJawn Jones 102-yard Int. Return

LP Bruiser Jesus Vargas

LP Bruiser Jesus Vargas

Good Morning!

T-Minus-7 until “Mid Valley Classic”

Game Fifteen: September 9, 1994 at Temple City

Knights quarterback Gabriel Gutierrez went 18 of 22 for 257-yards and 2 touchdowns in Arroyo’s 35-28 win over Temple City.

D.J. MacKinnon’s squad fell behind 7-0 before utilizing its short passing game and taking a 21-14 lead at the half.

Brian Betts led TC with 89-yards on 12-carries and a score while the Knights were led by receivers Robert Ochoa (8-106-Td), and Sam Dang (5-96-Td).

Sophomore James Schneider (5-14-61-Td) started at quarterback for the Rams.

I could be wrong, but I’m leaning San Dimas tonight at Los Altos…and because of the gear presented to me in the spring, I’m going with Muir over D-Ranch.

Latest word is Cathedral-San Gabriel is still set for same day, same time, at Keppel High School…

LeGarrette Blount’s post game punch was the only one thrown by Oregon last night against Boise State. The Ducks looked brutal.

M-Town QB Nick Bueno rushes for 217-yards & 2 Tds

M-Town QB Nick Bueno rushes for 217-yards & 2 Tds

Props to Gabrielino for having a complete program on Thursday night of Zero Week…I can’t tell you how many Zero contests we’ve been to over the years with no programs, but also no rosters for either side…what a hassle…Good job by La Puente for getting a roster to Gabby…

If you’ve ever worn your sunglasses at night, then you have an idea of what the lighting was like at Fullerton High School last night.

Of course you might have needed those shades to protect your retinas from the atmospheric disturbances provided by Monrovia’s Nick Bueno (217-yards rushing) and DuJawn Jones, who returned a back-breaking interception 102-yards.

Yeah, I’m really worried about Manny Ramirez’s bat…

I appreciate Roosevelt HC El Cid, but I think something special is going to happen at Alhambra this year and I would like to officially secure my spot on the bandwagon by predicting a Moors blasting of the Roughriders. Cazarin throws three!

Personal Preference (Best Play); I believe it was fourth and four for LP at the Gabrielino 23 midway through the second quarter when quarterback Garrett Hrey hit Jesus Vargas with a short toss and the fullback bludgeoned his way into the end zone.

Tim Hawkins was a stud linebacker on Arroyo’s 2004 semi-final team, but was overshadowed by names like Efrain Oquendo, Ronnie Williams, and Josh Olivas to name a few (Penaloza, Cun etc. etc.). He gives his thoughts about TC-Arroyo:  “No matter the year even when we are young and rebuilding or visa versa its a knock out grinder. They always bring the run game hard and we always have a “D” that loves the run. There is always a beautiful trench battle between o-line, d-line, linebackers and running backs. My senior year I wasn’t going start at TC but I got my shot about five minutes into the game and never turned back. Made outside backer my spot.”

Stay thirsty my friends…


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