The Peterson Principle 8/13/12

Is La Mirada number one?

Tracking Down the Saints

San Dimas Coach Bill Zerncikow gave us the grand tour of the new stadium last Wednesday night. It’s state of the art from the new turf to the new grandstands on the East side of the field. The most impressive thing was the blue track that runs around the field. It not only fits the Saints’ colors but it is considered to be the top of the line when it comes to track surfaces.

As for the team itself it looks like a typical San Dimas team. The Saints have a number of capable backs that will chew up yardage, a solid quarterback that can direct the offense and a formidable defense that will keep them in every game.

Midfield at the new San Dimas Saints Stadium

Keep an eye on backs Reece Alvarado and Jake Payton, quarterback Josh Avila and wide receiver Cody McNeil.

“Cody might be the best player on the team,” Zernickow said.

The Saints scrimmage Diamond Ranch this Friday in the new digs at home.

“It will be a good chance for us to see what we have because Diamond Ranch has some real big guys up front,” Zernickow said.

Outback at the Ranch 

Speaking of Diamond Ranch, Roddy Layton and the Panthers held their annual intra-squad scrimmage Saturday morning followed by lunch provided by Outback Steakhouse. Zernickow was right. The Panthers have some big boys to feed. Kammy Delp, Vontress Atkins and Josh Buchholz all provide the answers to the question of where’s the beef? Atkins bench presses 335 pounds and Buchholz, with his long flowing main, resembles a professional wrestler.

Things are heating up at the Ranch

DR has the skill players too. Parish Stanford is a tremendous athlete that is going to play on both sides of the ball and quarterback Xavier Beltran looks solid running the offense.

“We look good so far but we’ll know a lot more when we square off against another team,” Layton said.

After getting a first hand look, I’m wondering how long it will take Diamond Ranch to turn the field on the top of the hill into a permanent on site stadium for Friday nights. It would be perfect.

Rowland had to bear the elements Saturday morning. Anybody got a band aid?

Water Please!

It’s hard enough to work out in 100 degree heat in helmet and pads in August but it’s even tougher when there is no water in campus. But that’s exactly what Rowland Coach Craig Snyder faced when he brought his team out for practice Saturday morning.

“Because of all the construction going on all the water is turned off on campus,” Snyder explained. “One of the girls I coach on the softball team, her family lives right down the street. So me and an assistant loaded up the Gatorade buckets on to a cart, drove it over there and filled them up with their garden hose. That’s the only way we could get any water.”

It’s dedication like that that has kept Snyder in the coaching business, (softball, baseball, and football) for close to three decades.

“I love coaching and I love the game. I’m out here for the kids. But sometimes yeah, it gets tough,” Snyder added.

Who’s Number One?

Well, in the Southeast we proclaimed La Mirada numero uno which didn’t seem to go over that well with some people. Does West Covina win? Maybe. It’s only August and the jury is still out. But the Matadores have Gerry Myres, Kevin Dillman, Johnny Hills, Dallas Shipp, Tyler Luatua, Koa Kaleopaa, etc, etc. So isn’t it possible that they could be ranked one number one? Is it really an embarrassment?

“We’re just concerned about tomorrow. We don’t worry about what’s going to happen down the line,” said La Mirada Coach Mike Moschetti. “We’re just trying to get better right now.”

Okay and right now we still say they’re number one.

That’s my principle.

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