Fanview Lite: September 15, 2009

New La Puente HC Brandon Rohrer has his team off to a fast start.

New La Puente HC Brandon Rohrer has his team off to a fast start.

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Seeing Buffalo fall to New England and San Diego comeback against Oakland was warming to my soul. I miss the days where the NFL had six to eight dominant teams and the other franchises would spend years attempting to jockey into the upper echelon of the league.

Somehow you just knew both the Bills and the Raiders were going to fold.

Paraclete Watch: The defending Mid-Valley Division champions are 2-0 with less than overwhelming victories over Serrano and Knight and have now run its winning streak to 13. Spirit running back Roosevelt Davis ran for 125-yards in Friday night’s win.

If you want to talk Bad Dudes then start with San Dimas defensive madman Christian Morgan…And Tre Evans is a beast as well

The Saints are going to the OC this week to play Magnolia for the first time. It will be interesting to see how SD matches up with the Sentinels who will have a size advantage…A victory will make September 25th’s game with M-Town a potential semifinal preview.

Speaking of which Monrovia hosts Rosemead this week and does anyone remember that Wildcats lost twice to the Panthers last season? Did you know M-Town has lost five straight to the Mead?

Last Wildcat win? September 27, 2002 at Rosemead, 30-14. The coaches were Larry Hatley and Steve Garrison.

Note to Oakland: Give Darren McFadden the ball more, and that has nothing to do with him being on my fantasy team.

Temple City has lost its last two home games against Alhambra and the Moors are coming to town this Friday. The victory in 2007, 47-0, was TC’s worst shutout at home in school history and the most points surrendered in a regular season game at North Field.

Note to Ken Howard & Matt Koffler: Dump Oaks Christian and Harvard-Westlake, and find an open week to get Muir and Rosemead together during the regular season.

It seems the worst thing to do in this country these days is apologize.

Here’s hoping West Covina has an intact army when San Antonio League play begins.

Andy Villathedevil saw it, I saw it, and Mid Valley intern Josh Ouellette confirms it; La Puente’s Jesus Vargas is a sledgehammer… Warrior HC Brandon Rohrer has his team on track in the Montview.

Blake Griffin, who suffered a shoulder injury during the summer, was cleared to practice, and get hurt again, for the Clippers.

During St. Louis’s 28-0 loss to Seattle on Sunday a long suffering Rams fan sat in front of his television set and yelled; “Bring back Martz!”

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