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The Peterson Principle: 4/20/2017

By Tim Peterson So the Rosemead head coaching vacancy has been filled. Or has it?

The Peterson Principle: 4/12/2017

By Tim Peterson It doesn’t matter if Joshua Knight accepted the position or not (I don’t think he did), but what does matter is that El Monte still doesn’t have a football coach.

Top 20 MVL Games of the Decade

How do you pick the best games of the decade? Final score, importance, a good parking spot? Factored everything, but of course everything is subjective. This is how we saw it, and we literally did see all of them. Love the MVL, and we will always love The Mid.

Fanview Lite: December 23, 2009 Poinsettia Bowl Edition

“We’re going out there for glory. And, when we get out there, we’re gonna yank ‘em, and tear ‘em, and rip ‘em. And, we’re gonna take ‘em, and roll ‘em around, and rip ‘em up into pieces! And, then we’re going to slaughter ‘em. And, after the slaughter is over, we’re gonna come back here […]

Fanview Lite: September 15, 2009

Good Afternoon!