Fanview Lite: January 26, 2013

Joe T.

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You know, even as a relic from the 1970’s, I never understood or felt comfortable with the word “boogie”…Not at all…

The awards keep coming to El Monte pitch and catch duo Brandon Martinez and Abel Barajas. Martinez was named first team All-State and Barajas second team All-State.

Next Add La Mirada: Wide receiver Dallis Todd, who received and offer from Ohio State yesterday, has received an offer from Nebraska today.

Whittier Christian Update: Jacob Hughes (defensive end) and Shawn Murphy (long snapper) are being recruited by New Mexico Highlands and Rocky Mountain College. Trinity International has made an offer to Murphy.

“Tip would be their best option right now,” says one local HC on what Pasadena should do in regards to a football coach. The “Tip” in question is former Blair standout and program resurrector Tip Sanders.

If you played a lot of pick up basketball in Temple City and Arcadia back in the day…then you should be familiar with “Sweaty Joe”…Sweaty Joe mastered the art of the three-step drive to the basket, was always open, was definitely a schoolyard lawyer (he actually said he played his college ball at Seton Hall)…and always took a cough suppressant before coming to the park. (Meaning the dude wouldn’t cough up the ball with a gun to his back. A local version of the black hole, light may go in but it ain’t coming out.)

So yesterday I’m going through the park and there’s Sweaty Joe…older, a little thinner…and doing something amazing: He was actually passing the ball.

That might not mean anything to you, but as someone who played with and against him, it was shocking enough to turn my body into a pillar of salt.

New Bell Gardens HC Geoff Ackerman will retain Frank Gallardo as his defensive coordinator after a sit down between the two on Friday afternoon.

Latest note…(meaning: subject to change I’m sure)…Blair will field a football team this fall and compete in the Rio Hondo League through the 2013-2014 school year. Then bid adieu to the RHL.

Last Add La Mirada: The Matadores have traded out St. Paul in Week Zero this fall and will travel to Tesoro instead. The non-league schedule includes; La Habra, Servite, and St. Francis.

Four years ago today Wardell Crutchfield Jr. was fired by Duarte as head football coach after five very successful seasons.

Nasir Banihani, currently a junior, looks to be the starting quarterback at Temple City next fall.

I have not heard anything about Cerritos restarting its football program.

Okay, Really Last Add La Mirada: Florida Gators assistant coaches Derek Lewis and Brian White are coming to La Mirada HIgh School this Monday to look at prospects.

Rumors popped up in our emails regarding John Hardy at Muir. We asked around and what we are hearing is…John Hardy will be back to coach the Muir Mustangs.

So if you are a school looking for a football coach right now, I gotta believe that former San Gabriel HC Jude Oliva is high on your list. He might be biggest coaching name on the free agent market.

Whittier Christian One More Time: Cody Bronkar is still committed to Air Force.

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