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Fanview Lite: January 26, 2013

Kick it! You know, even as a relic from the 1970’s, I never understood or felt comfortable with the word “boogie”…Not at all…

The TEN: 6/8/2012

(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

Mid Valley News/Sports 101 Primer

Since our hit totals have tripled from a year ago, it’s been suggested we bring people up to date on some of the stuff we do. Why certain things have nicknames, what certain phrases mean, plus the games and players we reference. Origins. The fear is, of course, sounding like you are full of yourself…but we […]

Fulbright Leads Whittier Christian over Baldwin Park

By Saile Ramirez (Whittier) – Garrett Fulbright ran for three touchdowns to lead Whittier Christian to a 27-17 victory over Baldwin Park Friday night to advance to the CIF SS Mid-Valley Division Semi-Finals.