The Peterson Principle: 4/7/14

APU receivers Deji Olajide (left) and Ed Dillihunt

APU receivers Deji Olajide (left) and Ed Dillihunt

In college football you don’t have to wait until late August to see the players in helmets and pads. They’re in full gear in April. And so it was at Azusa Pacific on Saturday. The Cougars are coming off a big year after they were moved up to D-2 and are expecting even bigger things this season.

In case anybody was keeping score the Black squad beat the Brick 21-20. There were several big catches, Ed Dillihunt, big throws, Andrew Ellfers and big plays, Tarik Myles. Myles broke off a kick off return for a touchdown putting on a display of speed that had to be seen to be believed.

Elffers, who rallied the Black team with two touchdown passes for the win, compared his performance to a basketball player. “When I played basketball at Maranatha I wanted the ball at the end of the game. If I needed to hit a three then I was going to shoot a three. It’s the same here. I may have missed some throws early but I wanted to keep throwing it. I wanted the ball at the end of the game,” he said.

It paid off too when he tossed the game winner late in the contest. Elffers even ran one in for the conversion.

The incumbent, Nick Owens, looked solid as well playing quarterback for the Brick. He led the squad to a 20-6 advantage until Elffers brought them back.

The Cougars have only two quarterbacks in Spring camp. Chad Jeffries, the local boy who transferred in from San Diego State, isn’t eligible to play until the Fall.

Another player that shined for the Cougars was receiver Deji Olajide. With his route running and soft hands, he was making life miserable for cornerbacks all morning long.

Former Gladstone quarterback turned offensive lineman Paul Flores was on the field for  APU as well. He was listed as a senior last year. I’m still not sure if he was just filling out the roster or has a year of eligibility left.

Ran into former Hoover/Arcadia HC Chris Long Saturday at the APU scrimmage. At least we thought we ran into Chris Long. When Mid Valley staffer Duane Barker and I approached the official who looked exactly like Chris Long he quickly straightened us out.

“Oh you’re talking about my twin brother Chris. I’m Corey,” he said. “I get that a lot.” I can see why. He looked, walked and talked exactly like Chris Long. Yes, identical twins. Corey Long did let us know that Chris Long is still coaching. He’s on staff at Bishop Montgomery. At least that’s what “Corey” told us. We’ve still never seen them together.

Rosemead had their first throw of the spring season on Saturday at Montebello along with Garfield and Ribet Academy. “The boys did well all things considered. Good thing is we can only get better,” said Panther HC Marc Paramo. Well we should hope so coach. It’s only the first week of April.

Why was Clipper point guard Chris Paul booed at the Dodger game? So you’re a Laker fan. Okay. Then you more than anybody should realize that Paul is twice as good as any player on your current roster. Is it because he was once a Laker but didn’t stay? That wasn’t his fault. That was all David Stern. I don’t get it.

Take Kentucky Monday night against U Conn. Say what you want about John Calipari but the dude knows how to coach.

That’s my principle.

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