The Peterson Principle: 4/28/14

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

And the Clippers thought it was hard to get free agents to sign before. They may never get another one after Donald Sterling’s latest comments. In fact they might have trouble signing draft picks. If nothing else this proves without a doubt that they are cursed. In the midst of potentially their greatest season ever, Sterling’s racist rant is made public. The timing couldn’t have been worse.

This could have far greater repercussions than a Danny Manning knee or a Blake Griffin ACL. Even worse than a Michael Olowakandi draft pick. This could possibly make the franchise irrelevant if Sterling remains as owner. I can’t imagine Chris Paul re upping when the time comes.

The Clipper players – Paul and Griffin – said as a team they weren’t distracted but anybody that saw them come out in the first quarter Sunday knew different.

Racism is still is an issue, even in 2014, but in Sterling’s case you have to wonder if he is also going senile. His roster consists of 12 of 14 players that are black and his coach is black. Yet he doesn’t want any black people coming to his games? Racism and stupidity is a bad combination.

Sterling couldn’t have picked a worse person to tick off than Magic Johnson. With all of the connections that Johnson has he could probably ruin the Clippers with a couple of phone calls.

I still can’t figure out why Mark Jackson is on the hot seat.

Vince Carter is still playing?

Think how good Oklahoma City would be with James Harden still on the roster. The Thunder would be immediate championship contenders.

The Houston -Portland series is the most evenly matched of all the first round playoff matchups. Absolutely great games every time out. Damian Lillard, who is in is second year, is one of the top five point guards in the league and definitely the most underrated.  He has been unbelievable in  this series.

A report on Saturday said the Lakers are planning to bring Mike D’Antoni back next year. There may be two irrelevant teams in LA.

Big George Hernandez came up with a good question over the weekend on his Facebook page. He asked, that given that Mike Trout is the best player in the game, who would you take between Bryce Harper and Yasiel Puig? Some took Puig and some took Harper but the conversation eventually turned to Miguel Cabrera as the top player.

One guy said Cabrera is the top player regardless of the circumstances. I suggested that he is too old and that the Detroit Tiger GM would trade Cabrera in a heartbeat for either Puig or Harper given their youth-especially if you’re starting a team. Of course I was lambasted.

Wouldn’t that be like taking Kobe Bryant over LeBron James? Just a question.

Big George had my back though. Thanks my man.

That’s my principle.


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