Fanview: May 21, 2014

La Salle and Arroyo developing summer friendships.

Don’t fall in love with all you see during the Spring and Summer…—Photo by Duane Barker

“Your hands build me up when I’m sinking
Touch me and my troubles all fade…”—Styx

Kick it!

With all the passing leagues, tosses, and throws in full swing it does become easy to fall in love. I freely admit this. Someone asked me about Muir this season and I told them I had not seen them yet, but when I did I was going to love them. No doubt.

Muir’s biggest enemy has always been Muir, but Mustang implosions are happening less and less under HC John Hardy, who has gone 19-6 in his first two seasons. They are a definite player when looking to this fall.

When you read the following remember that it matters because Paraclete and Sierra Canyon are still in the Mid-Valley Division and could potentially face Arroyo, San Dimas, Baldwin Park, El Monte, and the like.

Gold Coast/Alpha League Clarification:
The Alpha is still a split league and part of the Gold Coast Conference. They have yet to announce plans on how it will be split this year. There will be two leagues called Ocean and Valley…but will be recognized as one league, like last season, in the Mid-Valley divisional set up.

Sierra Canyon has nine games scheduled for 2014, according to its website, Week Ten is blocked out for an Alpha League championship game. In the nine games scheduled the Trailblazers have only two “league” opponents scheduled; Viewpoint and Brentwood.

“We are a six team football league divided into “2” sections,” says Paraclete HC Norm Dahlia. “Paraclete, Kilpatrick, and Windward on one half and Sierra Canyon, Viewpoint, and Brentwood on the other side. We play a “League Championship” Week Ten, determined by who is the top team on their half. I have no say in the matter.

“The only positive is that we get the opportunity to play some quality football programs in our seven game pre-season. I am happy that we stayed in the Mid-Valley Division and we are looking forward to a great playoff bracket playing with programs we have built positive relationships with. We will miss the rivalry opportunity with Monrovia but maybe in the next cycle we will be reunited.”

When you read the following remember that it matters because Maranatha, Whittier Christian, schools very familiar to the MVS, will be playing these new Northwest members in the post-season.

Northern League Riddle Solved:
The new Northern League is made up of; Mission Prep, Morro Bay, Santa Maria, Templeton, & Nipomo. So the difference between Morro Bay and Twentynine Palms, a member of the De Anza League, now part of the Northwest Division with the Northern, is 345 miles. Wow. That’s nearly a six hour drive.

“Geographically, the Northwest is a joke,” says one Del Rey assistant coach.

Moving on…

Waiting for my 605 rosters.

The Pacers are that team that “wants in” but when Frog tells them to get off the blanking porch and says “I don’t think they’ve got the heart…” He’s right. They have no heart. They might get mad at each other in the locker room, they might get made at their coach, but they never seem to get mad at their opponent.

Next Add Proposal: I think the football proposal works (not for us) for the most part. I don’t see how a second or third place team in the Southeast will fair…but that’s not as bad as the Rio Hondo going to the Central. There needs to be an appeal.

Monrovia can compete…I expect them to compete, but the school hit hardest if the move to the Central is finalized is San Marino. Right now South Pasadena, Temple City, La Canada, and Blair are not even second round dreamers in the Mid-Valley Division. The Titans on the other hand are a legitimate final four type team in the Mid-Valley, in the Central, going in as a second place team, it’s farewell and adieu.

“I am aware that I am the A.D. at the school for why this is happening,” said Monrovia Athletic Director Randy Bell. “But this is a tough placement for the league.”

Again, Monrovia has more than held its own against Ayala, South Hills, and even St. Francis over the last few years. The Wildcats aren’t afraid of playing the big boys, but it’s not going to work for the other five schools in the Rio Hondo.

“We are working on what arguments we can make for the league to not have this happen,” said Bell.

Steven Nava looked good for Rosemead on Saturday, showing off the Mission Valley’s best arm, but the Panthers biggest concern might be who puts on the uniform around him. Or, better stated, how many will put on the uniform around him? HC Marc Paramo currently has 36 players total in the program.

When La Mirada first came into the Southeast a lot of folks were automatically handing the division title to them. They’ve won, but not enough of those big playoff games to get a ring on their finger or a banner in their gymnasium.

So it might be premature to say St. Francis will win it all for the next few years. The Golden Knights hammered the Matadores last year, but LM got the win in 2012. Plus you have to consider schools like Norwalk, which is coming back with more talent than one might think, Mayfair, Cathedral, Muir, and dare I say (Dare! Dare!)…Burbank.

St. Francis is going to get stung by graduation so it will have to replenish. Which brings this question up from MVS commentor “sports fan”;

“Why is it Ok for private schools to recruit and it’s not OK for public? They do play against each other at times out of league! They should not be able to do it.”

My first instinct is to say a private school is in private business and should be able to recruit. Period. They should also expect to be placed in tough leagues and divisions because recruiting would be an advantage.

But the world is not functioning this way. The private schools are mixed with the public and the public schools cannot recruit, so there is always going to be a battle, and an uneven playing field, until the two are separated.

Last Add San Marino: Junior-to-be southpaw Carson Glazier…Should really shine this summer and fall.

Note to Almont: Alhambra, San Gabriel, Montebello, Schurr, Bell Gardens, and Keppel…Tell us when you are throwing and we’ll come out and watch.

In regards to “Survivor”: Which jury member goes street rat crazy tonight on the finale? Is Trish stupid enough to give her vote to Tony?
In regards to NBA Draft Lottery: Yawn.
In regards to former NFL players suing the league for giving them drugs to play: Do the players not have some responsibility? Does Jim McMahon have credibility on these issues anymore?
In regards to “The Walking Dead”: I’m ready for the next season.
In regards to El Segundo’s Lars Nootbaar: No, it doesn’t look like well be following him or the Pioneer League up close this fall.

The Dude abides…
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