The TEN: 3/13/2015

The Ten

The Ten

(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN”)

1.) Temple City lefthander Josh Speakes throws a 2-hitter on Thursday to lead the Rams to a 4-1 victory over La Salle at the Arcadia Elks Tournament.

2.) On this date in 2012: “Such a bizarre situation, teams courting Peyton without watching him throw. At what point does somebody say, ‘The emperor has no deep ball’?” — Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times on Peyton Manning.

3.) The Monrovia Boys soccer team finished its regular season campaign 26-2-4 under HC Michael Williams. The Wildcats defeated South Pasadena last Saturday (March 7), 1-0, to win the CIF Division 6 title. They then advanced two the second round of the state playoffs before falling yesterday, 5-0, (March 12) to Cathedral.

4.) San Diego Padres outfielder Matt Kemp went 0 for 3 against the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday night. Dodger outfielder Joc Pederson homered in the ninth inning.

5.) “Keeping it real we’ll just have to wait and see. Skilled guys already trying to move into Chino! Surprise, Surprise. Who wouldn’t want to be the next Penny?”—MVS commenter “Anonymous”

6.) DeMarco Murray, who led the NFL in rushing last season for the Dallas Cowboys, has signed a 5-year $42-millon contract ($21-million guaranteed) with the Philadelphia Eagles.

7.) The CaseGod Bill “When All Is Said And” Dunn turns 60 today.

8.) Former San Francisco Giant first baseman Will Clark turns 51 today.

9.) Five years ago today news broke that Jim Arellanes was leaving Northview for Los Altos.

10.) “The Pastrami Dip at The Hat in Pasadena is f-bombing outrageous!”—Dennis Miller

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