Fanview Lite: February 16, 2010

LC's gutsy Dan Yoder was all smiles last November after securing the Spartans a playoff date.

Good Afternoon!

T-Minus-206 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

I’m officially jumping on the Villanova bandwagon

I wish the Cardinals could find a way to keep Karlos Dansby…

Looking forward to sitting next to Josh Lowden tonight on the “Mid Valley Sports Show”…

Lowden’s football days are done at M-Town but the Wildcats are looking to next fall with big wide eyes.

“I don’t know if you know but we kind of up graded our schedule a little bit,” said longtime Monrovia assistant Mike Minter. “We finally got rid of that Week Five bye. Were hoping it keeps us focused all season long. O- Line will be our main focus through spring and summer. Last year’s O-Line coach stepped down to be closer with his newborn, Fil Lujan will take over and we are really excited about that. Fil was our special teams cordinator last year.

“As you know the skilled positions are returning,  DJ (Dujawn Jones) will be missed,  but these corners this coming season are same caliber if not better. Ellis (McCarthy) will be a force of course and also will be learning the position he will probably play in college offensive left tackle. He has incredible pass blocking technique, he will dominate this position. Names? (Charlie) Cimmarusti, Bubba (Derrick Johnson), Deshawn (Ramirez), (Anthony) Craft, (George) Frazier, Oh! this kid Bueno is pretty good too.”

After living large on the legs of Joe Wiggan, Dominique Barnes, and Dalton Williams the last few years Burroughs is in the process of looking for its next big back.

“Tadeo Zuniga is the guy who has earned the spot for next year,” said Indians HC Keith Knoop. “Casey Barbello, who was a starting linebacker last season, is there to push him. Zander Anding is the JV guy looking to break into the line up.”

Knoop also confirmed again that Burroughs (Burbank as well) will be on the road all of 2010 while Memorial Stadium is refitted, re-turfed, redone.

One thing we learned last season was La Canada HC Dan Yoder knew how to coach and he had a lot of guts. What he needs this year is a quarterback to replace the graduating Rocky Moore.

“Right now our big front runners to replace Rocky at QB are senior Scott Gray, junior Mitch Russell (last year’s JV QB) and sophomore Matt Jones (last year’s frosh QB),” said Yoder. “These are the three that will start the season competing for the spot. I know how cliche it sounds but we truly believe every season every job is wide open.

“These three guys are the ones with experience at the position and all have their own specific strengths and weaknesses.  We are really looking forward to spring ball so we can get a good look at them (right now all three are baseball players). Whoever ends up taking that spot, you will see a different look than you did last year. As I said they each have different talents but none of them are really Rocky’s style.”

How many seasons are there in football?

The regular season and the post season, I got those. How about the summer season? The period before ‘drop dead’ in late July/early August that begins with spring workouts. How about the winter season? The period beginning a week after teams turn in gear and runs mostly in the weight room until just before official spring workouts.

This would break the season down into four parts. Then of course you can break the regular season into league versus non-league to give the season five defined parts.

You could say one part isn’t equal to the other, but talk to a coach and he’ll let you know how important the conditioning (summer) period or weight room (winter) period are. They’re apt to share with you that you can’t go home until you touch all the bases and you can’t win in December without doing all things necessary to get there.

Hence, the football season never ends.

We can confirm former Alhambra HC Gil Ruedaflores has been asked to coach in the Hall of Fame game…So far he’s given no response…but I think he’ll give us a jingle when the time comes.

Last Add Burroughs: It’s three non-league games are against Saugus (Zero Week), Canyon (Week One), and Hart (Week Two). All three are old Foothill League foes the Flatlanders left behind when they joined the Pacific in 2006.

Really Last Add Burroughs: When they last faced these teams in 2005, they lost all three successive weeks to close out the season.

Addios Marcus Camby.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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