Fanview Lite: March 26, 2010

Bishop Amat alum and current Arizona Cardinals DB Ralph Brown will be holding a special camp for defensive backs at San Dimas High School in April

Good Afternoon!

T-Minus-167 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Did you know Bobby Plump went to Butler? Yeah, he did.

Note to Northview fans: Ask and you shall receive. We did get a tip on the Northview HC position, just seeking confirmation. Stay tuned.

Of course Mike Mooney’s name is the first being mentioned on all the boards as a possible replacement at San Marino for D.R. Moreland. Makes sense to a degree.

I have to admit I wouldn’t mind hearing from “The Darkside of the Moon” on a regular basis, but it doesn’t look good.

Mooney hasn’t said anything to me, but my guess serving as an offensive coordinator while working as a vice-principal is much more doable than being an HC and VP. While anything is possible, especially with budget cuts and no teaching positions open, the Moon Man seems unlikely. Will see.

On the other hand a much younger candidate, with experience, is out there and served on the Titan staff a year ago: Gypsy John Tuttle or “King Tut”.

Tuttle played for San Marino, played college ball, and has made pit stops seemingly everywhere this side of the Colorado River.

“We are really excited that we are staying in the Mid Valley Division,” said Whittier Christian Defensive Coordinator Pete Karavedas. “And we are really excited about what we have coming back next year, including all-state nose tackle Jeff Worthy.”

Worthy, who was the number one pick overall in the recent Mid Valley Draft, is getting numerous division one looks. Expect an appearance on “The Mid Valley Sports Show” in the very near future.

Latest info regarding Temple City football indicates a teaching position opening via retirement(?) on campus, which creates flexibility in hiring a head coach. There are solid candidates interested in this job who are now in the game.

Heads up Defensive Backs!

San Dimas football and Ralph Brown (Bishop Amat alum), who plays for the Arizona Cardinals, are teaming up to put on a Defensive Backs Camp on April 17th. The site will be San Dimas High School. The instruction will be top notch but they are only taking the first 50 players who sign up. For more information, please call Ralph Brown at 310-402-9956 or e-mail us at

“Ralph makes a very good guest DB coach for spring drills,” said Saints HC Bill Zernickow.

While I agree some coaches can be jerks, more often than not a sportswriter gets what he deserves. I’m going to walk out on a limb and assume there was some accumulative history between Urban Meyer and sportswriter he went after yesterday.

Remember most in the media operate from a sense of entitlement and are way too full of themselves…Or Meyer could just be a jerk.

The important lesson is to be friendly without trying to be friends or overly impressive.

Final Note Moreland/San Marino: Yes. (Thanks for the emails) I do know the record shows San Marino being 30-32-1 during Moreland’s six years as the Titans HC. But, sorry, I’m not changing it. Moreland’s on the field record was 30-31-2 in his half dozen years leading the program.

The game in question is the season opener, on a Thursday night, at Gabrielino in ‘05. I was there, it wasn’t a pretty game, but competitive and ended in a 14-14 tie. Weeks later a clerical error awarded the forfeit win to Gabrielino.

Ridiculous. It was settled on the field as a tie. I cannot in good conscience vacate it ala the NCAA. So in everything we do at the Mid Valley from coaching records to head to head match ups, and/or anything historical; the season opener between Gabrielino and San Marino in 2005 ended in a 14-14 tie.

This is like a prime directive for us. Ask Mooney about his 2002 loss to Arroyo at home that over a month later became a victory because of a clerical error by the Knights administration. We didn’t recognize it.

In fact, I still have the email Mooney sent me asking: “When are you going to give us the victory?”

Think again Longshanks!

Essentially, I told him to pound sand. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, what happens on the field, is what happened on the field. (Unless Peyton Manning suddenly comes out and plays quarterback for San Marino—then we can talk)

Is it okay not to be excited about Vicente Padilla toeing the rubber as the Dodgers opening day starter this year?

Never really did think much of Cornell.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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