Fanview Lite: June 5, 2010

Everything is about September

T-Minus-96 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

I have always been a Flyers fan.

Just got off the phone with Matt Koffler he says: No! He is not interested in the Bassett job.

So I guess Peterson is back in the mix.

I say Ted Clarke. The guy wants to HC again and more than a few people have told us if the right guy can figure out the arithmetic the Olympians program can take off. Clarke as won at both Glendale and San Dimas.

Give the guy a shot…it’s June for goodness sakes.

Spoke with former Arroyo quarterback Brian Partida, who is taking a year off from coaching to focus on school and preparing for a tryout with a semi-pro team next season. I asked him how much he missed playing:

“For four years I worked hard to be where I was at and when I see Steven (Rivera) and players like Mikey (Vasquez) go hard it just reminds me why high school football is so great. I miss the summer days with all my friends, who I hardly talk to now. To be the guy everyone depends on, as friend, leader and most of all brother. I dreamed about it ever since I was five years old watching Kenny Smith do his thing.”

Partida, who threw 41 touchdowns (ran for 11 more) and only 16 interceptions in two years as the Knights starter, will be a guest on “The Mid Valley Sports Show” later this month.

Last Add Wooden: Am I just being cynical or is it cool now to come out of the woodwork and declare you have always been a John Wooden fan.

Real Last Add Wooden: A few years ago former Bruin and Laker Keith Erickson was being interviewed and was asked what was the worst thing Wooden ever said on the bench: “You knew he was mad when he said; ‘Goodness, gracious, sakes alive!’”

Which for Wooden was the equivalent of being on a football sideline in the fall.

Friends in Burbank throw me a bone. Last I heard the renovations at District Field were being delayed and the Indians and Dawgs would be playing home games there this fall. Then I heard they weren’t, then I heard they were.

With my next sentence I’m sure Stang Fan will declare this the greatest Fanview column ever…but… I’m leaning Muir in the Pacific this fall. Too many guys to handle in the trenches.

Note to Fans: If you want to send us pics of Powder Puff action…feel free, but we don’t cover it.

Last Add Burbank: Had the strangest dream last night. I was at a passing competition and Burbank quarterback Adam Colman was in street clothes. Everyone seemed to know he was hurt except me. I played it off like I knew because I was standing next to Fred Robledo (who I have never seen at a passing tourney). Then I saw who was replacing Colman, former Monrovia linebacker Josh Lowden.

In the dream I thought; dude you’re not a quarterback. Lowden hearing my thoughts turned and said; “I know thats what I’ve been trying to tell these people.”

Weird dream…as of now no meaning or interpretation.

“If you can’t stop the run, you are done,” says Mead’s Matt Koffler.

I think about the teams lining up to play Suburban Meyer League power Norwalk and the talent running behind its monstrous offensive line and I wonder who is going to stop them? Who is going to be able to make war with them?

With things now in full swing in the Home of the Camellias I had a back and forth with the Rams Carlos Mota.

The Mid: So how have the workouts been going with Coach McFarland?

Mota: They’re going pretty well.

The Mid: Are guys getting passed all the off season drama?

Mota: Yeah, he’s been telling us that even though everyones started already we’re not that far behind or not behind at all.

The Mid: You guys feeling optimistic?

Mota: Oh yeah, of course.

The Mid: What is something different you’ve noticed about McFarland?

Mota: So far I’ve noticed that he really wants 100% out of us on every drill and such, like with some coaches in the past they wouldn’t act as tough during off season. Where as he tells us to go hard every play and every rep so we can get that much better.

The Mid: Any truth to the rumors we’re hearing about you getting some time at running back?

Mota: Hahaha… Well so far they have me at fullback during the drills. but nothing’s certain.

Who do you trust more a politician telling you there’s nothing to fear or the news out of Indianapolis Colts camp that safety Bob Sanders is healthy?

Just like NBC does a better job with Sunday Night Football than ESPN does with Monday Night Football…Versus does a much better job with the Stanley Cup than NBC does.

Loving the hockey finals.

In the Hacienda League…I’ve been thinking long and hard about this…but right now, the word is: WestCo!

Stay thirsty my friends…


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