Fanview Lite: June 23, 2010

G-Stone's Joseph Herrera is key for the Gladiators in 2010

T-Minus-77 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

Not From the Deep End Note: Folks, when I posted on FB this morning that I have always been a soccer fan…I was joking. Even with the big win this morning…My focus for the day is on the NBA Draft…because the NBA ROCKS!

(Not really, but I can live in denial for the next few weeks)

Former Arroyo quarterback Brian Partida rocked last night.

People have been asking if I’m burned that the Trib-Star is coming out with its PrepXtra Magazine this summer, previewing the upcoming season… Why would I be burned? I think it’s great for the area… I think it adds another resource, I’m gonna get a copy. And I bet it comes out looking pretty slick….I also hope they make a lot of money… Properly Paid sportswriters are becoming as scarce as the Jedi these days.

Just because they do their thing, doesn’t mean we still won’t be doing our thing at the start of September.

(My only issue with the Star-Trib, Robledo and I worked through them last year, was I just don’t like people bagging on my young guys. I pay them dirt, they’re hard workers, so I feel a responsibility to look out for them. On the other hand, I’m fair game. Bag on me left and right, bag on Peterson left and right, bag on Bad News Barker left and right… AND PLEASE bag on Villathedevil left and right.)

Enough of that stuff.

Got to an Arroyo four-way yesterday and noticed the Knights had Whittier Christian in the opener…which they did…in which they did not play seven starters; four on offense, three on defense.

“If you can’t get to practice on time or class on time, then you can watch the guys that are on-time,” said Arroyo HC Jim Singiser. “For some of these guys it may be the first time they have ever been disciplined, but it is so early in summer we wanted to set a tone. Doesn’t matter if you’re the star, if you miss you sit. It’s different during the off-season there isn’t much you can take away from players that affects them. Run them, suspend them, kick them out of the weight room, etcetera, but it is amazing what happens when you sit them for a glorified game of two hand touch. We’ll see how they react.”

On this date in 1973, the Dodger infield of Ron Cey, Bill Russell, Davey Lopes and Steve Garvey started the second game of a doubleheader against the Reds, beginning an 8 1/2 year run together in Los Angeles. The quartet officially split up in 1982, when Lopes was traded to the Oakland A’s on Feb. 8, 1982.

The Heralds weren’t too happy with their performance yesterday… Coach Pete Karavedas sent me a text during “The Mid Valley Sports Show” last night accusing me of being bad luck for the WC.

They did have some rough spots, but it was Heralds receiver Grant Escobar who spared me a bashing when I lost track of where I was on the field while fiddling with my camera. A rookie mistake, thank goodness I had a veteran wide out covering my back.

Speaking of coverage the Azusa defensive backs looked good especially Desmond Reed and Steven Blount. It’s still early but Jose Nunez appears to have the edge on Jake Martinez at quarterback. Nunez has the bigger arm but then again Martinez did get quite a few snaps last season and opened Tuesday as the starter.

The Aztecs Abraham Ochoa, 39-catches 7-touchdowns in 2009, is still making plays for Joe Scherf’s team.

With the departure of Paul Flores to APU, playmakers are what Gladstone HC Albert Sanchez is looking for. Andres “Peanut” Uribe is the heir apparent at quarterback but expect the Gladiators to lean heavily on fourth year varsity guy Joseph Herrera.

“He’s been with me since he was a freshman as a starter,” said Sanchez of Herrera. “We’re going to be leaning on him a lot. He’s our leader.”

Herrera, who starts at middle linebacker, rushed for 436-yards last season and expects to get an increased workload to take the pressure off of Uribe at quarterback.

I don’t know what to expect from the Hall of Fame game this Friday. I’ve never picked a winner. I pick the West it goes to the East, I pick the East and Tommy Cogburn goes deep three times in single coverage for the West… I don’t want to give the smooch of death to the Mike Maggiore’s East squad this time around, but its tough to pick against that group.

Bad News Barker says that Bill Zernickow is feeling better than “Okay” about his team this season at San Dimas. Then again if I had five offensive linemen returning to support a whole slew of skill guys, I’d be feeling better than “Okay” too.

Note to Singiser: You were right to bench your guys. The Mid Valley Division is serious business, especially if you’ve got a shot.

It’s tough to make the Knights the favorite with Monrovia, San Dimas, Schurr, Whittier Christian looming large. Arroyo can get there…but they are going to need all hands on deck.

The Mid: “So Coach, have the recruiters back backed off now that (Jeff) Worthy has given a verbal to Boise?

Sergio Gradilla: “No, they’re still calling. Calling us and asking if he’s sure.”

Stay thirsty my friends…


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