Fanview Lite: July 12, 2010

Longtime Arroyo staffer Danny Rios was the real winner at the SGV Shootout on Saturday

T-Minus-58 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

Schurr performed well down in Mission Viejo…I heard two assistants talking on Thursday at Arroyo saying if the Spartans don’t win the Mid-Valley Division this year then something’s wrong.

Alright, alright, I like Schurr (Sure) but lets not start…you know…crowning them just yet.

Spartan HC Ben Negrete and crew are in studio tomorrow night. We’ll get some thoughts then.

Rick Neuheisel and I are tight…

“I like your motion Joe,” he said. “But if you let Peterson near a football anywhere in the presence of my son, there will be heck to pay.”

Jerry Neuheisel throws for Loyola.

Speaking of quarterbacks and quarterback coaches; Gypsy John Tuttle, he of perpetually pre-packed suitcase fame, is currently a free agent.

Azusa wide receiver Abraham Ochoa made a catch on the sidelines against Monrovia in  Saturday’s final of the SGV Shootout that was positively Lynn Swann like.

“Oh he’s the real deal,” said Arroyo HC Jim Singiser about Ochoa.

Have you noticed this trend starting to form with Azusa? They seem to keep on winning.

So were we really waiting for the World Cup to end (Oh, and by the way, I have always been a  Spain fan), just so we can get to the serious business of the All-Star Home Run Derby?

I’ve been to yawning festivals that were more exciting…Yeah a yawning festival…you know, the NHL Draft.

Last Add Quarterbacks and Coaches: Very early in the year (February?) I wrote about Burbank quarterback Adam Colman. We love him, we think he’s talented, but we also took notice that Anthony Cervantes, Sam Bethany, Jackson Diamond, and Cole Hazlewood, all big playmakers for the Bulldogs in 2009, were all graduating. These four players accounted for 22 of Colman’s 24 touchdown passes.

“Coach what are you going to do?” I asked Burbank HC Hector Valencia. “You’ve lost all those receivers.”

“You know heading into the last year we didn’t have any big time receivers returning,” said Valencia. “And we’ve got guys coming this year who are going to step up.” Valencia  shared some other concerns…we’ll save for another time.

Last Add Valencia: “I want to establish tradition, and go back to the old ones.” Valencia hit on previous coaching staffs over the years tinkering with the schools uniform and colors. “I played here, we’re royal blue and that’s what we’re gonna be.”

What’s the deal with linemen competitions?

“I love linemen,” said one local head coach. “They’re not like these pretty boy receivers and quarterbacks. They don’t need a trophy at the end of the day, they’re happy if we give them a hot dog.”

As someone who used to put Tabasco on marshmallows for students to eat and gave them whole raw onions to devour while anchoring relay races years ago…I felt right at home watching my first linemen competition at Santa Fe on Saturday.

Yeah, the weight lifting made sense…but when I saw the football relay…linemen sprinting around the track I understood the torture aspect of it all and smiled (along with everyone else, including Neuheisel). Missed the tug of war and tire toss (if they did that one).

But hey, Alhambra’s Chris Salgado got to run with the ball.

The linemen competition at Arroyo this Saturday will include pyramid building, and a sportswriter toss.

“Hey Coach can you back it up a little,” a very confident Wilson quarterback, Brandon Schreiman, said to Wildcat HC Brian Zavala last thursday during a four-way toss at Arroyo.

“Yes sir,” Zavala said.

Schreiman had a nice weekend, and has moved up on Peterson and Bad News Barker’s lists.

Last Add LeBron James: The dude can go wherever he wants and that’s that. The only thing he has to live with our the consequences of his choices. The only consequence in the case of him going to Miami is that he is no longer ‘The Guy’, but a guy.

He’s not Kobe, he’s not Bird, Jordan, or Magic. He’s a guy.

Charles Barkley said it best: “When I was 25, I wanted to be the guy to lead my team.”

Orlando Magic General Manager Otis Smith was a little harsher: “I thought he (LeBron) was a competitor.”

Up until this summer all I really knew about Gladstone HC Albert Sanchez were his bad experiences at the CIF offices when the football playoff brackets would come out. The Gladiators would go 8-2 during the regular season, win the Montview, and then get sent to El Morro or some other land of the giants.

The last month it has become clear to me this guy is stand up all the way.

With that said, I’m still picking Azusa to win the Montview.

The real winner at the SGV Shootout was longtime Arroyo staffer Danny Rios, who spent the day under an easy-up guarding trophies and enjoying the shade.

“You didn’t get a picture of me while I was sleeping did you?” He asked.

Arcadia had a nice showing in the passing portion of the Santa Fe extravaganza with back up, south paw, Brian Ponce handling the quarterback duties.

Of all the groups I saw over the weekend, the players and staff looking like they were having the most fun were “Sweet” Lou Torres’ group from Alhambra.

Now the Moors are not on anybody’s radar, and I’m not trying to put them on anyones radar…but they are having fun…and teams having fun tend to be competitive.

The Mid Valley poll on who will win the Rio Hondo League was no mystery, what we wanted to see was which school people thought would finish in second place. At the moment San Marino holds a five vote lead over La Canada.

I’ll give you my opinion right now, I’m going with the Spartans.

Finally connected with Arroyo Lady Knights basketball HC Mike Gorball on Saturday…Yes, it was at Lampost Pizza in El Monte. Give the Gorball credit, he was taking care of his team.

“Football Rush Week” is coming…

Stay thirsty my friends…


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