Battle of the Badges

By Alex A. Gonzalez

Monrovia – The annual Battle of the Badges charity basketball game took place Saturday night between Monrovia’s finest, with Monrovia Fire and Rescue defeating Monrovia Police Dept. 50-37 at Monrovia High School. 

Fire and Rescue were led by Firefighters Joseph Nevarez and Josh Lin, who combined for 38 of the team’s 50 total points in the win. 

The charity basketball game, which helps raise money for the City of Hope, started with both teams trading baskets for the first 10 minutes of play. Detective Garcia and Officer Pacheco led the Enforcers as they both scored and shut down Fire and Rescue after one-quarter of play. 

However, as the second quarter started, Fire and Rescue caught fire, thanks to Nevarez, who drained five 3-point buckets, giving his team a 24-22 advantage before the halftime buzzer sounded. 

The fire remained blazing for team Heat as Nevarez continued to light it up from behind the 3-point line as he connected three more times in the quarter. Although the game revolved around Nevarez, the team’s defense could not stop the duo of Garcia and Pacheco, as the two kept the Enforcers within five points as the third quarter ended.

Garcia’s presence inside the key was uncontrollable as he had his way, scoring at ease once he got the ball on the block. Pacheco also provided backup, as he could slash his way into the lane for easy layups and connect from mid-range. 

After 30 minutes of play, the Enforcers cut down a double-digit deficit to only five points, with Fire and Rescue leading 33-28 points before the final quarter. 

As the fourth quarter started, the duo of Garcia and Pacheco showed signs of fatigue as did the Enforcers. 

Monrovia PD, however, did go on a small run of their own, which helped close the gap to 13 points before the final buzzer, but it was too late as team Heat took the victory 50-37, their first win over the Enforcers since the charity basketball event started.

Team Fire and Rescue:

Firefighter Jeremy Montoya 

Firefighter Josh Lin 

Firefighter Christian Wilbraham 

Engineer Ben Bagheri 

Firefighter Joseph Nevarez 

Firefighter/ Paramedic Ryan Scott 

Captain Joe Jansen 

Chief Jeremy Sanchez 

Team Enforcers: 

Sergeant Anaya 

Detective Garcia 

Detective Bartholomew 

Officer Pacheco 

Officer Montes 

Officer Andrade 

Officer Gonzalez 

Chaplain Brown 

CSO Brown 

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