The Peterson Principle 9/14/10

Monrovia assistant Coach Mike Minter didn't care for my Glendora pick

I almost got booted off of Monrovia’s sideline Friday night. At halftime Monrovia assistant coaches Mike Minter and Ted Clarke both chided me for taking Glendora over the Wildcats in “Game Night.” At the time the score was 7-7.  

“I’m surprised we even let him on our sideline,” Minter said. “Yeah geez, you took Glendora!” Clarke said in disbelief.

Well I’m not one to say I told you so but Glendora did go on to beat Monrovia 21-7 taking advantage of four Wildcat turnovers. I reminded Clarke of the outcome on Sunday and received this response.

“Sportswriters get it right once in awhile. That which does not kill us makes us stronger – Nietzsche.”

Leave it to Clarke to go all Freidrich Nietzsche on me. Hey I’ll let both of you guys have your say by coming on the Mid Valley Sports Show. And bring Christian Blanco with you. The kid is a stud.

Here’s another Monrovia prediction. The Wildcats will lose at least one more non league contest. But they’ll run the Rio Hondo League table.

 Schurr Shocked    

Reports are that the Schurr coaching staff absolutely ripped the team up one side and down the other after the Spartans 49-28 loss to Cantwell. After a player runs for 335 yards and five touchdowns against you, a lashing should be expected. Unless that player is Marcus Allen, yeah you’re going to get ripped. (I could have used any number of running backs here but I liked Marcus Allen.)

It doesn’t get any easier for the Spartans this week when they face Downey. I was told by a source that at least for one week they didn’t live up to their motto – “Show up and smack!”

Awful Almont Beginnings  

A league that looked so promising when the season started has gotten off to a rocky start. Don’t look now but the Almont League has yet to win a game. After week one they are a combined 0-10. No rest for the weary this week as every team in the league except maybe Alhambra could be considered an underdog. The opponents for Schurr, San Gabriel, Montebello, Bell Gardens and Keppel are Downey, Burbank, Arroyo, El Rancho and Gabrielino respectively. There might not be a win there. Alhambra should beat Temple City at home but it’s not a gimme by any stretch. 

We figured Keppel, Montebello and Alhambra could lose but what happened to Schurr and San Gabriel? Bell Gardens losing to Azusa doesn’t sting too badly for Lancer fans. But losing 48-0 does.

“We didn’t execute very well and South Pas did. They chewed up the clock and kept us off the field,” said San Gabriel Coach Jude Oliva. “We shot ourselves in the foot with penalties and never had good field position. We only had 30-35 offensive plays the entire game. It will be a tall task this Friday but we are up for the challenge. Burbank is good.”     

Remembering Hector Urias

Former El Monte quarterback Hector Urias was remembered in a moment of silence last Thursday night before the El Monte – La Puente game. Urias, (class of 1981) was killed in his auto repair shop last Tuesday night. The Lions played well leading 27-14 at one point but were unable to hold off Jose Perez (248 yards rushing) and the Warriors. Despite the loss, Michael Jimenez was a beast for the Lions. He’s a hard nosed runner and makes things a little easier for quarterback Manuel Santa Cruz.

Mid Valley Classic

It was cool to see the Mid Valley Classic buttons on display at Temple City High School Friday night. “Let it Begin. Mid Valley Classic September 10, 2010” buttons were worn by Arroyo and Temple City fans alike. Ram and Knight helmets were featured on the buttons as well.

The game itself wasn’t exactly a classic. It was all Steven Rivera and Arroyo in a 42-6 victory.

Week Two Barnburners     

West Covina at South Hills 

Arcadia at Monrovia

Wilson at Los Altos

Bonita at Santa Fe

Rancho Cucamonga at San Dimas

That’s my principle

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