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The Peterson Principle 9/3/12

Mea Culpa Covina  I love it when I’m right but when I’m wrong, I need to acknowledge that also. And in the case of Covina it looks like I was wrong. After seeing how many players the Colts lost to graduation/transfer I thought they were in trouble.

Rams Finish First Phase

(Temple City) – Temple City finished up its first phase of spring/summer practices Thursday before breaking for the next three weeks on dead period.

The Peterson Principle 10/26/10

Who is this Josh Simangunsong and where did he come from? And did I spell his name right? When Temple City Coach Mike McFarland calls his name you can’t blame him for yelling simply “Simon!”

The Peterson Principle 9/14/10

I almost got booted off of Monrovia’s sideline Friday night. At halftime Monrovia assistant coaches Mike Minter and Ted Clarke both chided me for taking Glendora over the Wildcats in “Game Night.” At the time the score was 7-7.  

Knights Gear up for Classic

(El Monte) – It was the typical Wednesday night practice for Arroyo as they got ready for the Mid Valley Classic with Temple City. But it is anything but a typical year.

The Peterson Principle 9/8/10

Say What? Everything went right for Covina in the fourth quarter Friday night, except for one minor detail.

Rams, Knights, Ready for Mid Valley Classic

By Tim Peterson   It’s just two days away. We’ve been talking about it since Spring, pumping it all summer. It’s been a great rivalry for years but now it has a name. In just two days Temple City and Arroyo will battle it out in the game now officially known as the Mid Valley […]

Fanview Lite: August 10, 2009

“The Across America Edition” Good Morning!