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The Peterson Principle 2/6/12

Super Bowl XLVI The catch made by Mario Mannigham on the Giants game wining drive wasn’t as good as David Tyree’s four years ago. But it was a great play and a perfect throw by Eli Manning.

The Peterson Principle 12/26/11

Notes and observations from Christmas Weekend 2011: It feels strange to have a Sunday in December with just one NFL Game. With Christmas falling on a Sunday all of the games were moved to Saturday the 24th leaving Green Bay and Chicago with the spotlight all to themselves on Sunday night.

High School Quarterback: Vol. 1

By Saile Ramirez “Pain Heals, Chicks Dig Scars, Glory Lasts Forever” It’s been about a month since “THE” season ended. Yes, “THE” season. Football season of course is what I am speaking of, more importantly the prep football season.