Fanview Lite: December 20, 2011

"Oh, I've always been a Dodger fan."

Good Morning!

Who said “Coach of the Year” has to be a head coach? Couldn’t the “Coach of the Year” be an assistant?

For example how about Monrovia DC Craig Schuster? How about San Gabriel DC Donald Bernard? It was Bernard’s defense that shutout a high octane Maranatha team and stopped San Dimas’s Davante Brown on the critical two-point conversion in the semis.

How about Jason Heilman (welcome spelling correction if needed) the DC at West Covina? That dude made put together a defense in 2011 as strong as the one in 2010…without Maurice Dupleasis at linebacker.

Steve Bogan to Santa Fe?

Could not be happier for John Tuttle in getting the Glendale job…talk about a guy who has paid his dues. You have to wonder a little bit if “Gypsy John” (as he was formely known) will call on his connections from area stops like Duarte, Monrovia, San Marino, ELAC, and Temple City.

And here’s a thought, could Tuttle reconstitute the core of the old Temple City coaching staff with Rene Valdes and Tim Loya? Both have strong Glendale connections and Valdes is already on campus.

Note to Tuttle: If he’s still on campus in the fall of 2012, go long to Michael Davis.

I’m gonna throw this out there one more time…but wouldn’t J.V. spring football be really cool in February? Camp could start in the middle of January and a six-week season could be played through till mid March. Three-fifteen start times. Then those J.V. players, coached up and experienced, could join the varsity rosters in the fall to add depth to programs.

It’s a great idea…somebody tell me its a great idea.

Let me just say this…for the record…I am never playing fantasy football again. Never.

Do you know why there is Tim Tebow hype?

Because people get excited about a guy who tries to do things the right way…when all you usually get out of a sports figure is something like Dodgers first baseman James Loney driving drunk on the 101.

You get guys with 17 different women in 17 different cities with a wife back home raising the kids.

You get guys with eleven children (true story) with ten different women playing in the NFL.

This is why people want Tebow to succeed…Partly.

The other reason? Because it is fun to see how he drives everybody nuts…He does.

The Dodgers signing of San Gabriel alum John Grabow (southpaw) that’s a pretty good deal…The records would need to be checked but have the Bums ever had two players from Mid Valley area schools on the roster at the same time, let alone the same bullpen.

“”If it’s the sixth inning or if it’s the ninth inning, it doesn’t matter. Your job is to go in there and get guys out,” Grabow said a while ago. Very refreshing.

Oh, let me just say, I have always been a Troy Murphy fan.

Speaking of the Mid Valley the Idaho Potato Bowl featured a pair of locals. Former Duarte standout Chris Harris with Utah State matched up against Ohio University and South El Monte alum Joe Morales. Ohio won 24-23.

Someone asked if it bugs when people talk to me during a game I’m covering…No, it doesn’t. Who am I to get bugged? I kind of like it, because its when people speak to you on the sideline at a football game or standing behind the action at a passing league you get all the good stuff.

…Of course most of that stuff we can’t print but its still good stuff.

I was very glad to hear Mike Mooney pleaded not guilty…

The Dude abides…


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