The Peterson Principle 1/9/12

Tim Peterson

So much for finding out how that new overtime system in the playoffs works out. One play? What happened to that dominant Pittsburgh defense?  

Of course credit goes to Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Tebow threw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns and rushed for another and for the Bronco faithful it’s all well and good. But seriously the next time Denver and Pittsburgh meet Demaryius Thomas should send a limo to pick up Ike Taylor.

Taylor was burned relentlessly by Thomas through out the game. He beat him for gains of 51 and 58 yards in the first half that led to scores before burning him on the game winner in OT. You would think after four quarters the Steeler brain trust would have had somebody else, anybody else, line up across from Thomas.

Thomas’ stiff arming of Taylor on the touchdown pass summed up the game for both players. Thomas owned him.

A beat up offensive line, a limping Ben Roethlisberger and a sidelined Rashard Mendenhall didn’t help the Steelers cause, but really if Taylor just makes one play…one! 

The Broncos remind me of the 2011 San Gabriel Matadors. They both have quarterbacks who are known for their ability to run the ball but can make the throw when the have to. Who can forget Andy Guerrero’s pass to beat Arroyo in the second round of the playoffs? They both have big play receivers in Thomas and Alex Villalobos of the Mats. And they both keep winning when everybody thinks they’re done.

At first glance New England ends the Broncos run next week. But Maranatha, Arroyo and San Dimas were all supposed to knock San Gabriel out of the playoffs and none of them did. Don’t count out the Tebows just yet.

Is it just me or are there suddenly hundreds of Bronco fans running around? Now every other “friend” that I have on Facebook is busting out the Tebow posts.

Did anybody miss on their predictions of the Detroit-New Orleans game? I heard 38-35, 35-31, 45-38 but everybody had the Saints winning. It was 45-28 and it turned out to be the shootout everybody predicted. The over under was 59. I knew I should have dropped a couple of bucks on that action.

I wonder if the Chargers regret letting Darren Sproles walk?

Before the season started Eli Manning stated that he should be considered and elite quarterback. Well if by elite he means he’s in the same class as Tom Brady, Drew Brees, his brother Peyton and Aaron Rodgers, no. But he does have a Super Bowl win and with another great year, (4933 yards and 15 touchdowns in the fourth quarter), and another playoff win his resume continues to grow. He’s at least high second tier.

The Giants streak of beating the Ryans continues. Two weeks ago they beat Coach Rex Ryan and the Jets. Last week they beat Dallas and Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan and Sunday they took care of quarterback Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. No, Matty Ice is not related to brothers Rex and Rob. 

Some things are so predictable. I mean really, who didn’t know back in September that T.J. Yates would lead the Houston Texans to their first ever playoff victory? 

Good point made by Stevie R. at the Trib regarding De’Anthony Thomas of Oregon. Thomas, from Crenshaw, was sealed and delivered to USC but he wasn’t signed. And on signing day he announced he was going to Oregon. To this day USC Coach Lane Kiffin still doesn’t know what happened.    

Congratulations to M-Town’s Ellis McCarthy and no, I don’t think he’ll change his mind about Cal. But it isn’t official until he puts pen to paper.

I can’t wait to see Kevon Seymour in Cardinal and Gold.

Yes football is a 12 month a year sport. Several coaches told me that they are working out this week.

That’s my principle.

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