Southeast Football Daily Tracking Poll: 6/4/2012

Muir CB Kevon Seymour, headed to USC, leaps for six in this classic photo by Anne Cypress)

People love to talk about Muir. Nice to have someone honking for CV. Bonita got popular and Cal is excited about its drop from 19 to 21. Los Altos is up seven spots.

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(numbers after school represent accumulated points.)

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1.) (6/1:#2) Crescenta Valley Falcons (127): “Everybody William Wang tonight!…Everybody William Wang tonight.”

2.) (6/1:#1) West Covina Bulldogs (123): We were not envisioning a Bulldog passing game. If Hull can throw that’s one broad noodle for the WC.

3.) (6/1:#3) La Mirada Matadores (96): Tyler Luatua…We know he’s good, but what does he do best?

4.) (6/1:#4.) Dominguez Dons (55): Inspite of the name, Dominguez continues to compete as newby in poll. Why is everybody so high on a team that only returns 11 men from a roster of 42.

5.) (6/1:#9) Bonita Bearcats (55): Podley invigorated? What does that mean? Two sodas after work? …Shane Pitts? Nice name.

6.) (6/1:#5.) La Serna Lancers (44): Down a spot from Friday. Is Nicholas McCarty the guy to carry the rock?

7.) (6/1:#7) Arcadia Apaches (39): We want to believe, but we can’t. Help us with our disbelief.

8.) (6/1:#6) Mayfair Monsoons (37): Down two spots and they return Billy Thomas? What’s going on down there at Ron Yary?

9.) (6/1:#12) Muir Mustangs (32): Up three…They’ll hit you low, they’ll hit you high, they’ll stick a finger in your eye…Right now they’re like truck headed down hill.

10.) (6/1:#8) Santa Fe Chiefs (29): Down two spots. Chiefs nation is large and it needs to go to work. New HC inherits a starting quarterback in Justin Retiz.

11.) (6/1:#10) Norwalk Lancers (26): Rashaad Penny is back and healthy, and ready to battle Bellflower for the third spot in the Suburban League.

12.) (6/1:#11) Gahr Gladiators (26): Who doesn’t like the name Slap Hollins?

13.) (6/1:#16) Burroughs Indians (23): Down three spots, folks doubting the Indians can reload. In other words there is no life after Anding…Think again Longshanks.

14.) (6/1:#15) Pasadena Bulldogs (22): Up a spot, nice…but can the Bulldogs stop anybody?

15.) (6/1:#22) Los Altos Conquerors (22): In good shape going forward…Coach Burke like “The Mid Valley Sports Show”…team just needs a few more bubbas in the trenches.

16.) (6/1:#13) Bellflower Buccaneers (20): Is Ryan Hunley a 2,000 yard back in 2012?

17.) (6/1:#14) Diamond Bar Brahmas (18): DB? What’s going on? From 11 to 14 to 17. Come on, this is a good program.

18.) (6/1:#17) Paramount Pirates (18): Fans have to love Jahlon Wright; 64 tackles, 5 sacks and a pick.

19.) (6/1:#20) El Rancho Dons (18): The Ranch is slowly climbing into the mix…

20.) (6/1:#18) Diamond Ranch Panthers (16): No one’s going to give Roddy any love.

21.) (6/1:#19) California Condors (14): Note to Arnold: When the Condors fall out of the top 25, Joe T. will be by to collect his Golden Corral.

22.) (6/1:#21) Downey Vikings (13): Getting Morton Downy love right now.

23.) (6/1:#23) Burbank Bulldogs (9): No change. You got Teddy Arlington, you should be excited.

24.) (6/1:#24) Glendale Nitros (9): Auditions currently being held to see who gets to throw the ball to Michael Davis.

25.) (6/1:#25) Whittier Cardinals (6): Cardinas hanging on…feeling pressure from the 605. Cerritos is looking.

Others: Walnut (5), Lynwood (2), Warren (5), Pioneer (4), Hoover (5), Glenn, Artesia (4), Cerritos (6), Rowland (2).

The official Mid Valley Sports Top 25s will come out August 1st.

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