The Peterson Principle 7/9/12

Blake Heyworth, (right), Mason Bryant (center) and so many other weapons for Monrovia

So West Covina wins the SGV Shootout? What? Last year the Bulldogs were knocked out early and that figured. With guys like Chris Solomon, Jimmy Frazier and Aaron Salgado all Head Coach Mike Maggiore was going to do was pound the ball and he did it all they way to a second consecutive CIF Championship.

They have Salgado back along with Josh Best and Antonio “Noodles” Hull so when they put on the helmet and pads the Bulldogs will be toting the rock again. But on this day they passed and did it very well. Jon Najera, who backed up Chris Caballero last year, took a majority of the snaps with an occasional breather provided by Noodles. Receiver Aaron Franklin kept making plays and Deshon Love also caught several Najera tosses to lead the Bulldogs.

“We’re surprised we’re still here,” Maggiore told Duane Barker before the semi final game. “We had already made other plans. Hielman (DC) has a barbecue to go to and I was supposed to go to a baseball game.”

The Plans were put on hold. West Covina has athletes and when you have athletes you can win a passing tournament regardless of what offense you run. Yeah, WestCo will run the ball but it’s scary to know that they can pass it too.

After seeing Monrovia up close and personal all day long I’m more convinced than ever that they will roll to a third consecutive Mid-Valley CIF title. The Wildcats won’t be touched in the Rio Hondo and they should win all of their non league games as well. Sierra Canyon? Nah!

It’s cliché but they just have too many weapons. Blake Heyworth, Mason Bryant, Anthony Craft, Gevontray Ainsworth, Brett Walsh…oh and if that isn’t enough Assistant Coach Mike Minter gave me another one – fullback Darrien Jones. “He’ll pound the ball for us and get the tough yards. Gevontray will get most of the carries and Darrien will grind it out,” Minter said.

Mt. View QB Xavier Yanez…the kid can play

I don’t care what offense Mt. View was running. All in know is that it was working. The Vikings won their first four games running the double wing frustrating all of their opponents along the way. Bloggers on the board are complaining that they were cheating and it was a poorly run unrealistic offense. My response? Stop crying and go stop it. It’s like when you hear people whining about running up the score. Okay then do something about it.

Mt. View surprised a lot of people yesterday and also got the attention of the rest of the Mission Valley League as well. First year HC Victor Ambruzo has the kids pumped up. Keep an eye on quarterback Xavier Yanez. The kid can play.

Hey Whittier Christian we love you but Mammoth Lakes in the opener? Really?

“You’re going up to Mammoth with us for the opener right?” said Mr. Bronkar (Cody Bronkar’s dad). “I just figured you would be coming up with us.”

No sir. Sorry I won’t be making the trip but I do appreciate the offer. As for Cody he is still recovering from a broken ankle but should be back in time for the opener. Bronkar, who just received an offer for Air Force is still weighing his options as other offers are sure to come.

When I talked about Monrovia did I mention Mason Bryant? Wow.

Former Alhambra Coach Gil Ruedaflores made an appearance at the SGV Shootout. He is currently enjoying the retired life. “Yeah I’m keeping busy. I got six grand kids. They keep me real busy,” he said.

Contrary to popular belief (Mid Valley Sports belief?) Montebello does have an offense and will be able to score some points. “We have more guys back on offense than we do on defense,” said Montebello Assistant Brian Zavala. “We have some weapons. We’ll be fine.”

The Oilers will be participating in the upcoming ELAC Shootout.

Arroyo HC/AD Jim Singiser and his staff did another remarkable job with the SGV Shootout. It was well run, well organized and went off without a hitch.

“They do just a great job with this. They really do,” said Temple City Coach Mike McFarland. “It’s so well put together and organized. It’s one of the best tournaments I’ve seen.”

That’s my principle.

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