Fanview Lite: March 26, 2014

"Butch & Sundance"---These two are usually in a corner of some end zone on Friday nights during the fall, but they are actually NFF Board members Frank Cano (left) & Rudy Chavez (right).

“Butch & Sundance”—These two are usually in a corner of some end zone on Friday nights during the fall, but they are actually NFF Board members Frank Cano (left) & Rudy Chavez (right). Cano is the former Principal at Alhambra High School, while Chavez used to steer the ship at Mark Keppel and La Puente.

“Sometimes, I say things I shouldn’t. I go berserk. If I were a university, I wouldn’t hire me.”—Al McGuire

Kick it!

Don’t get me wrong on the NCAA Tournament…While my interest isn’t at the street rat crazy level it used to be, it’s not as bad as boxing. In comparison to boxing the Tourney is like going to a Grace Potter and the Nocturnals event versus another Barbara Streisand retirement concert.

I’d sooner spend an evening with an Amway salesman than live through that.

The NFL is going to move extra-point attempts to the 20 for the first two pre-season games this season. Meaning the kick after scoring a touchdown will now require a 37-yard boot as opposed to a 20-yarder.

Again the NFL is going backwards figuratively, as well as literally. Instead of moving the ball back, they need to eliminate the “kicker” position completely. Grandfather in the kickers currently on NFL rosters, but after that make it so any team’s kicker has to be among their 22 starters at the beginning of a game.

This will cut down on the automatic aspect they seem to be attempting to get away from.

“We’re not going to change,” El Monte Lions HC Joel Sanchez said after I asked him if he was going to change anything about his offense this coming season. The Lions offense is, of course, the wide open aerial circus, punt only with a gun to your back, maximize the pressure on the defense, attack that produced a trip to the second round of the playoffs in 2012. It is also the offense they ran in 2013 when they finished 1-9. “We wouldn’t be true to our beliefs if we changed. We’re all in.”

El Monte High School Football 9th Annual Golf Tournament 

This fundraiser is right around the corner reserve your spot now. If you would like to sponsor a hole or golf please let HC Joel Sanchez know at (626) 926-6108. See flyer below.

We were speaking at the National Football Foundation Scholar Athlete Awards Banquet at Brookside Golf Club last night. I wanted to pump Sanchez for some inside info when CIF suit, in charge of changes, Glenn Martinez walked up to us.

It was my first meeting with Martinez and I have to admit he seemed like a nice guy, but before I could give him my blueprint on how to correct the football universe he told me all things would be finalized April 30th at the Long Beach meeting.

Good thing, because I have to know if Bakersfield High School is coming into the Southern Section.

(I’ll publish the list of athletes honored at the bottom of this column)

The Hall of Fame game head coaches were announced. The West will be led by San Marino’s Mike Hobbie, the East by Pomona’s Aaron Jamieson.

It’s nice to know that Mt. View Principal Larry Cecil and his bearded football HC Victor Ambruso are still feeling guilt about how I got big timed and shutout of the Vikings homecoming game with Arroyo last fall by their Gate Gestapo.

First Add Fred Robledo: Mid Valley Sports was pulled into the National Football Foundation experience when President (former Duarte HC) Tony Ortega and Leon Ward took Peterson and I out for for dinner. We had hamburgers. I talked to Robledo last night and he said when Ortega and Ward took him out they had steak.

Final comment on the Jude Oliva departure from Maranatha: If you want to say he’s not a nice man, okay. If you want to say he’s a bad coach, alright. If you want to say he was in over his head, sure…But honestly folks, why do you come on here and attempt to label somebody a thief, embezzler, philanderer, or racist?

Now most of these comments get obliterated before they see the light of our message board, but because there is such a large volume of “psycho” on this subject things inevitably leak through. And for that we apologize.

Nothing but love for San Gabriel, Alhambra, Bell Gardens, Montebello, Schurr, and even Keppel…but there is a toxic madness in the Almont fan base that taints everybody associated with the league.

Last Add Bakersfield: I just made that up, Bakersfield is not coming into the Southern Section…but remember Morro Bay is in the Southern Section.

I got a note sent to me about wide receiver/defensive back Jacob Cook at Downey…I have to admit, he’s under my radar but I’ll look him up. Somebody want to clue me in?

Last Add Robledo: Dude, needed a pen. I gave him one. If you see him around town today ask him to read to you what is printed on the pen.


In regards to Burbank: Said it a few weeks ago…his name is Tony Toledo.

In regards to the Angels cutting Carlos Pena: Time to get on with the rest of your life.

In regards to Petros Papadakis: Dude, sweated so much last night I thought he was having a heart attack.

In regards to the New York Knicks: After last night’s loss to the Lakers, I guess they need a little more than Phil Jackson’s name to turn things around.

In regards to me: On this day in 1983 I crossed into Mexico for the first time on a mission trip to Nueva Esperanza

The Dude abides…


Joshua 2: 10-11

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2014 National Football Foundation Scholar Athletes


Andrew Aselin, West Covina

Jordan Austin, Claremont

Jose Bonilla, Charter Oak

Michael Bowman, Pasadena Poly

Richard Bramble, Santa Fe

Marcus Briscoe, Diamond Ranch

Jared Brito, Northview

William Bryan, Diamond Ranch

Jesus Calvillo, Arroyo

Christian Clark, Marshall Fundamental

Javier Carrillo Jr., El Rancho

Maurice Cortes, Northview

Andrew Farmer, Santa Fe

Jake Ferntheirl, Temple City

Andrew Ferraco, San Marino

Eliel Flores, El Rancho

Ty Gangi, St. Francis

Fernando Garcia, Workman

Steven Garcia, West Covina

Will Genske, Pasadena Poly

Adam Goss, South Hills

Cristian Hacegaba, Los Altos

Alex Haston, Charter Oak

Brandon Hayashi, Los Altos

Charlie Henderson, Marshall Fundamental

Nathaniel Hipolito, Duarte

Nico Jaffe, Claremont

Estuardo Marcos, Los Altos

Darron McWhorter, Maranatha

Hugo Montanez, Mt. View

Jacob Moran, El Monte

Adrien Perez, El Rancho
David Perez, Duarte

Andrew Pop, El Rancho

Jose Portillo, El Rancho

David Ramos, El Rancho

Jose Robles, South El Monte

D’Angelo Ross, South Hills

Steven Rubalcava, Rosemead

Jared Trujillo, San Dimas

Cameron Tyus, Claremont

Daniel Valencia, Northview

Trevor Virnala, Los Altos

 El Monte tourney


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