Fanview: May 29, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“And so my friends we’ll say goodnight
For time has claimed its prize…”—Styx

Kick it!

“No Stovall has not transferred to Salesian,” said Paraclete HC Norm Dahlia about the rumors buzzing around Melquise Stovall transferring to Salesian.

Another source close to the Spirit program told me the Stovall family has the utmost faith in the school and Dahlia.

This news came to us yesterday afternoon at the same time Tim Peterson tracked the Miles Bryant to St. Franks story. One was true, the other wasn’t, and it’s so odd that here we are so close to June and it is still crazy time in prep football.

Another pick up from the CIF yesterday was the name of the Del Rey League being changed to the South Catholic League. This league includes Cantwell, Bishop Montgomery, St. Bernard’s, and Verbum Dei. It will compete in the Northwest Division…with the Prep, Olympic, Northern, De Anza, and Ambassador leagues.

“Yeah thats the lame ass name these new coaches wanted. They don’t know BLANK about the history and tradition.”—Area Coach on the Del Rey name change.

Oh, I’ve always been a fantasy baseball fan!

For the record (for the thousandth time) LeBron James is an awesome basketball player…but Kobe is closer to Jordan, than LeBron is to Magic…And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Note to Burbank HC Richard Broussard (and DC Bacon): Is sophomore-to-be Andy Reyes the real deal? His freshman stats, as a linebacker, show him in on 51 tackles and 6.5 sacks. From my end that has to be encouraging.

Equal Treatment Dept.: Burroughs had a sophomore linebacker last year, Connor Garden, who had a pretty good year as well.

Really Last Add Land of a 1,000 Restaurants: The folks at Sharkey’s Bistro agree with me about Magic over LeBron…and the complimentary peach cobbler had nothing to do with this promo.

Former Temple City assistant Mark Russell is now on staff at Mt. View. Russell, who spent the last four seasons at TC, has also made coaching stops at Muir and Blair.

“We are very happy to have Mark on our staff,” said Vikings HC Victor Ambruso. “He is a great man of God and has high expectations for the kids. Mark will be playing a large role in our defensive planning.”

Best prep football name going? Asaph Zamora at Monrovia. Of course his profile has raised with a Bryant’s transfer, but what a great name. In fact, send me your best prep football names since 2000 and I’ll put them in a poll to vote on.

In regards to a comment on the boards, San Dimas might need a quarterback but the Saints are not short on friends. Usually when we put a poll up we know there is a guaranteed voting block for each team…but either honesty, friendship, or both exist among the Valle Vista fans. Everyone seems to like SD’s chances in 2014.

Note from San Dimas: Josiah Erickson!

Response from Joe T.: I got it, I got it!

If you were asked to throw out the first pitch at a Dodger game do you think you could make it to the plate? I’m going to tell you right now I could do it. How could anyone accept an honor like that not get the ball across the plate…or at least look good trying?

Then again, if you’re throwing out the first pitch at a Dodger game chances are it’s not going to be seen by anybody anyways…so, whatever.

Did you know that APU sophomore-to-be tight end Mitch Lomax is the son of former NFL quarterback Neil Lomax? Lomax, 6-3 243, caught one pass in 2013 for 4-yards. Senior starter Kevin Schick only caught five as the job of a Cougar tight end is to plow the road for Terrell Watson.

Bellflower has solid coaches in HC Derek Brown and OC Derek Bedell, but for the last few years it has, at least to us, been about the Buccaneers tracking down the La Miradas, Norwalks, and Mayfairs…but reality is the biggest pain in the neck for them might be the up and coming Artesia program.

Joe Veach, HC-ing the East in the 605 Game next Friday, is 10-10 combined over the last two seasons. In his first three years the Pioneers (team name) went 2-28.

Speaking of Norwalk: Former Lancers running back Billy Moore, who had back to back thousand yard seasons in 2009 & 2010, will be playing at D-2 Livingstone College in North Carolina this fall.

Last Add NorRock: Trenchman Rodrigo Sanchez, 6-3 305, got his first D-1 offer from VMI (Virginia Military Institute).

Always thought the term “Minnesota Nice” meant not booing your own…apparently struggling Twins stalwart Joe Mauer is suffering some “Minnesota Mean” these days.

In regards to the L.A. Kings: Nice to see they are getting back on track.

In regards to Dodger reliever Chris Withrow: He needs “Tommy John Surgery”, was anyone counting his pitches? Let’s be real…the brainiacs have no clue.

In regards to mentioning Andre Reed: I’d take former Kansas City Chiefs receiver Otis Taylor over him as well…And Jim Plunkett over Warren Moon.

In regards to the World Cup: Is this really a World Cup year? Drag.

In regards to former Arcadia Police Chief Neal Johnson: Thank you Chief for everything, God Bless…

The Dude abides…


Psalms 18:1-2

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