Game Night Southeast Division: Week Four

Mike Moschetti's Matadores open league against Artesia

Mike Moschetti’s Matadores open league against Artesia

By Tim Peterson

All games are at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated

Friday September 26

Non League

Dorsey (1-3) at Cathedral (3-0)

Dorsey is the toughest game for Cathedral to date. Will be a battle but the Phantoms emerge.

Cathedral 24 Dorsey 21


Canyon (2-2) at St. Francis (3-0)

St. Franks is a machine. Dylan Crawford and company are too much. Canyon falls.

St. Francis 31 Canyon 17


Rancho Cucamonga (3-1) at La Serna (3-1) at California

Can L a Serna knock off another big opponent? The Lancers just might but Rancho Cucamonga is a monster.

Rancho Cucamonga 21 La Serna 17


Diamond Ranch (3-1) at El Rancho (2-1)

I’ll probably regret it but I like Ranch – as in D-Ranch.

Diamond Ranch 28 El Rancho 17


Santa Fe (1-3) at West Covina (2-2)

Can you say bloodletting? It sounds odd to mention bloodletting and Santa Fe in the same sentence but it could ring true here. It might get ugly.

West Covina 38 Santa Fe 10


Dominguez (3-1) at Westlake (2-1)

Dominguez is starting to warm up. Sh0uld be fine against Westlake.

Dominguez 34 Westlake 14


Pacific League

Burroughs (2-1) at Crescenta Valley (3-0) at Glendale

Some say I still don’t respect CV. Actually I do but a win here would go a long way in gaining everybody’s respect. Burroughs is the Falcons strongest opponent so far this year. CV rises to the occasion.

Crescenta Valley 23 Burroughs 20


Suburban League

Norwalk (2-2) at Mayfair (1-3) at Bellflower

Norwalk should take out some frustration on the Monsoons. But Mayfair will hang around.

Norwalk 28 Mayfair 14



Thursday September 25

Suburban League

Glenn (2-2) at Bellflower (4-0) at La Mirada – Bellflower

Pacific League

Muir (0-3) at Glendale (0-1) – Muir

Non League

Gahr (3-1) at Fullerton (2-2) – Fullerton

Friday September 26

Pacific League

Hoover (1-2) at Arcadia (1-2) – Arcadia

Burbank (2-1) at Pasadena (1-2) – Burbank

Suburban League

Artesia (2-2) at La Mirada (3-1) – La Mirada

Non League

Paramount (2-2) at Culver City (0-3) – Paramount

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