Fanview Lite: March 13, 2010

Monrovia's Isayah Daniels has a look Mike Minter must love.

Good Evening!

T-Minus-180 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

I’m blown away…Matt Stairs is still playing baseball?

Latest news on Randy Backus: It looks very very likely he will be returning to Arcadia as an assistant this fall.

Credit where credit is due: Aram of the Trib was hitting on the Jim Arellanes to Los Altos story all week…and his sources proved right.

Cannot remember the last time I brought it up, and I hate seeing it go away, but JV football needs to be moved to the spring. It needs to be played over the course of eight weeks, Thursday afternoons at 3:15. Primarily to give me something cool to right about during the offseason, but also, importantly, to give the head coaches (the only full time guys on campus in most places) time evaluate potential and teach.

(I have a lot of other good points as well…but most important is having football to write about from February thru March).

Last Add Arellanes: Moving to Los Altos makes sense as far as the security of a job in the school district. Make no mistake though, its gonna be tough bringing the Conquerors back.

Advantage for Arellanes is nobody can question his football credentials and background.

How about Peterson and the rights to our next two interns for Aram of the Trib?… If there’s a salary cap issue, we can take Robledo and then release him…

A guy we need more information on, but played well down the stretch last fall is Monrovia’s Isayah Daniels. The senior to-be has great size to at excel on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Plus he just looks like a Bad Dude.

“Keep an eye on Wilson,” a Mid-Valley Division coach told me, which I appreciate…but I’d like one of these guys to go on the record when they say stuff like this to me. Is it bad form just to say another team looks good?

We need a few more like the well aged Ted Clarke who will go on the record when he says he likes the job James Heggins is doing at Baldwin Park.

Seeing the end of the Big Ten Championship today I got the feeling Illinois’ offense was playing freeze tag instead of basketball. They looked awful in the final seconds of regulation and the first overtime. Standing around…standing around…

Ohio State’s Evan Turner looked like he belonged in the NBA… I could tell by the way he ended up at the foul line every time an Fighting Illini player breathed on him.

Had a bad dream last night…dreamed I woke up and was completely bald.

I’ve been told its the kind of dream a person has after they humiliate themselves on the basketball court the night before. Which, oddly enough, I did.

There’s still some metal there uncorroded by 15 years of rust. Had two nice baseline moves down in the blocks on TC Alum Joe Scoffinger, but was rejected with prejudice by the bottom of the backboard both times.

Hence the feelings of little or no self-worth, hence the Larry Fine nightmare between midnight and dawn.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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