Fanview Lite: February 22, 2012

Maranatha Minutemen baseball HC Matt Shupper

Kick it!

Gabrielino opens its 2012 season this Saturday at South Pasadena and brings with it Angel Acosta and his 324 career strike outs.

Personally I could listen to Tamar Hill talk all night…and would never feel like she was showing me up.

Last Add Basketball: Alhambra alum, former San Gabriel HC, and current Warren basketball HC Ryan Hart got bounced from the playoffs last night by Crescenta Valley.

Maranatha opens its baseball season on Friday at San Marino. La Canada grad Matt Shupper takes over for Brian DeHaan (still Minuteman AD) and comes with a wealth of experience, including the professional level. Shupper worked five years as an agent, scout, and in Major/Minor league player development.

“We have one of the best baseball staff’s around,” says DeHaan. The staff also includes Jason Roenicke the son of former Baltimore Oriole slugger Gary Roenicke, the brother of Colorado Rockies pitcher Josh Roenicke, and the nephew of Milwaukee Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke.

First Add Duarte: Paper work not complete but Duarte HC Jason Martin confirmed that former Muir OC Antyone Sims will be joining his staff in the same capacity.

Spent the entire day going over old columns, stories, and web shows to see if I ever used the expression “chink in the armor”…to describe a team or player that had a weakness or vulnerability exposed in their game.

New Mid Valley Sports Guidelines will require a different description for these weaknesses and vulnerabilities. “A Villathedevil in the armor”, “A Swede in the armor”, or “A cavacho in the armor”…

If there was stock available for purchase, I would invest in Lionce Haggerty. Dude, will be very successful in life. My only hope is he remembers me when he comes into his kingdom.

I struggle with the platitude that “violence never solves anything”…

Next Add Duarte: The better news for the Falcons program is the return of everybody along he offensive line. Including “Bubbas” Alberto Pina (6-4, 240) and Lorenzo Rojas (6-1, 260)…And, seemingly, like everyone else on the Duarte roster in 2011 they are only going to be juniors in 2012.

Saw game film on Bellflower this week…It would be a big mistake to overlook the Pirates next fall in the Suburban League.

Clarification: The original report we received regarding Denzel Talifero’s transfer from Muir also included quarterback Darrick Holmes and Mark Samuels. As commented on by a blogger on the Talifero story; Samuels did move to Las Vegas and Holmes is still currently enrolled at Muir.

We have continued to field reports of different players transferring in the area, some have proven false, others are pending confirmation.

Painfully obvious through all of this is that Muir, Alhambra, El Rancho, as well as Mt. View and La Canada need to settle its football business now.

Last Add Duarte: “I think this team definitely has a chip on its shoulder, it’s ready,” says Martin. “It’s hungry.”

Last Add Minutemen: Shupper is going to need a big year out of sophomore Daniel Rasmussen.

Always dug that half-facemask Gary Roenicke wore on his helmet while playing for the Orioles in ’79.

The Dude abides…


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